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    Denon D2000 cable trauma

    These headphones, while they are the best-sounded closed full size headphones I've ever owned, have one of the worst cables I've ever seen. I don't exactly treat my headphones badly, but this cable has gotten inextricably tangled, and is fraying at a few different points, after just a few months...
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    All Purpose $200 or Less Phones

    Quote: Originally Posted by xguntherc Shure make as quality and well loved full size as they do IEMs?? I'll look at the denon but I want open cans. Or are they open? Not open, but I find them uncompromising in spite of being closed. They have great soundstage, detail, and...
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    All Purpose $200 or Less Phones

    $215 for the Denon D2000 is a fantastic deal. Amazing all purpose headphones, they match up well with considerably more expensive open headphones. Great soundstage, they'd work well for gaming and pretty much any music I've tried on them sounds great: B&H link - Amazon
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    Where to go next? (From a D2k to HD650, DT 880, K701?)

    I honestly don't think the three headphones being considered by the OP are much of an upgrade to the D2000. If you're going to upgrade, save up for a big upgrade (wait till you can afford to buy something in D7000 or HD 800 territory)
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    Denon D2000/D5000, MD2000/MD5000 Thread!

    Long time since I last posted on head-fi. A few years ago, I was a true headphone nerd, accumulating amps and headphones like they were going out of style. I listen to a lot of classical music, and the best headphone for classical music I've ever owned, until now, has been a Sennheiser HD 600...
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    Best headphones for the best buck?

    For $50 apiece, you can get either the Sennheiser PX-100 (open) or Sony Eggos (closed)... neither can be beat for price/value, imho. The KSC-75 is a great starter, but not sturdy or comfortable enough to be a headphone I'd be happy using all the time.
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    FS: iPod Video 5g 30GB with leather case and AppleCare Protection Plan PRICE LOWERED

    This is an iPod I purchased just three months which I have barely used. It's in excellent condition and will be shipped in original packaging. I am also including a high quality leather sleeve, and the unused AppleCare Protection Plan to safeguard your purchase. Price: the whole package...
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    FS: Shure SE210 & Etymotic ER-6i

    SOLD Two high quality IEMs in very good condition - I'm selling them only because I don't find much use for my IEMs these days. These are a great entrance to portable audiophilia. SOLD In the interest of hygiene, I will not be including my used sleeves and wax filters in the package...
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    *******it Shure

    Update: I'm fine. Thanks for all the good wishes. It was a huge annoyance, though, and I'm never using that damned headphone again. I've been using high end audio equipment and headphones for many years, and this has to be the first time this hobby has necessitated a visit to a doctor.
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    *******it Shure

    Haven't posted in this forum for a long time, but just thought I should share my ordeal with the rest of you: I've been using the Shure SE210 for a couple of months without any problems. Today, I popped them in a little while after taking a shower (though I took care to dry out my ears...
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    Headphones stores in NYC?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MrSlacker I am sorry to say this, but for god's sake use the search function!!!!!!! Every 3 days there is at least 1 thread about headphone stores in NYC... You know, if you don't like it, you don't have to open the thread.
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    Headphones stores in NYC?

    Looking for a good headphone shop that I can browse around in, preferably in Manhattan. Online shopping is great, but I'd love to take my SO to a store and give her the ability to see it in person before buying. The big brands in this area (Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Grado) are easy to find, but a...
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    Most immersive classical music headphone

    I've been pretty inactive in the headphone hobby for the better part of a year (I'm pretty happy with the gear I own). Interesting to see that, in spite of the initial K-701 craze, Senn is still the consensus pick. Also interesting to see no picks for SA-5000, and very few for Beyer. Those...