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    A new DA7.2x ?

    Anybody running this unit balanced who could draw a comparison between single-ended and balanced on this DAC?
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    L3000 in eBay

    Quote: Originally Posted by mateo05 I think he's referring to the Yahoo Japan pair, not the one currently up for sale. Correct me if I'm wrong... Yes, I was referring to the Yahoo Japan pair. I know nothing about Lobstersan and didn't mean to imply that his pair were exposed to...
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    L3000 in eBay

    Quote: Originally Posted by purk Wow...still couldn't believe that they are not sold yet. A last pair of L3000 on yahoo Japan ended for about $2000 (middle man + shipping fee), and it was a used pair. Purk And it was owned by a smoker - big turnoff particularly with the...
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    Lite Dac-AM?

    Curious if anyone has compared the DAC-AM with the DAC 68 in balanced mode. I am looking for a balanced source and I like a mellower sound but I also like low end grunt. Seems like these two amps trade bass for smoothness. If that's the necessary compromise to go balanced from one of the Lite...
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    PS-1 : Balanced v. Single Ended

    Quote: Originally Posted by bozebuttons Make your way to the summer NYC meet this sunday,there will be balanced amps you can try .Check the meetings thread for info. Only wish I could - too bad its not next month...
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    PS-1 : Balanced v. Single Ended

    Anyone who has experience care to comment on the differences in sound running the PS-1 balanced v. single ended. I am currently running the PS-1 out of an Earmax Pro and out of an AT-DHA3000. It sounds very good out of the Earmax Pro and fabulous of the AT-DHA3000, but I am considering parting...
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    HP1 drivers in an RS-1 like enclosure? mixing grado driver / enclosures

    Quote: Originally Posted by Xanadu777 I'm putting HP1000 drivers into my GS1000 shortly as I've been wanting to try them in wood for a long while. The GS1000 drivers are already mounted into their Coco home and waiting assembly That looks NICE. Did you have a Coco home...
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    HP1 drivers in an RS-1 like enclosure? mixing grado driver / enclosures

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn Just to let you know, I had SR200s with HP1000 installed by the factory - consider it an HP1000 driver in a SR60/80/125/225/MS-1 enclosure. Result? Zero soundstage, a bit congested, but still has that magic of sounding "real." Pretty darn impressive...
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    DAC1 + 2*(Grace901) + HD650 = Great Fun!

    Quote: Originally Posted by gerG heymaceo, you don't by chance play sax do you? Just checking Just a fan of the man... a big fan. Quote: Originally Posted by gerG I would be very careful about trying this with the T-amps. They may not react well to bridged operation...
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    Buying/trying AT Old Woodies in Japan?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jjcha Fujiya-Avic gets used woodies from time to time. Check their webpage daily, and be prepared to call, tell them you're coming in and will buy on the spot. Woodies often sell in one day. Also check...
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    How-to for convolver, impulse files, etc?

    Dumb question: What is a "Default Impulse" file, and where do I find one?
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    Please post your Squeezebox tweaks, I've got one to get things rolling.

    What version slimserver and firmware are you using?
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    Equalization for L3000

    I too would love to know the answer to this - I would like to implement an equalization curve for the L3000 in the Foobar convolver. Anyone successfully done this? Maybe something that tracks with the equalization provided by the DHA3000?
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    Sennheiser headphone clamps are in.

    How much did these run you? I have thought that they look pretty sweet.