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    Digital out from ipod?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fierce_freak Are there any roughly equivalent players spec-wise to either the ipod classic or touch that have spdif or i2s lines internally that could be tapped? Am I right to think that this is not a portable solution? In which case, would not media...
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    washing headphone pads?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zorander Soak them in detergent water for about an hour or so, rinse off with water, squeeze most of the water out and leave it to dry in the air. Enjoy. I used a variation to get the water out - spin cycle only, in a washing machine. In my experience...
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    Drill and Drill Bits

    I second the unibits, for casing work, they are invaluable.
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    Help picking out a basic pocket amp for travel cans.

    Quote: Originally Posted by DouglasQuaid building a mini3 for 60$ would be tough. I did think of that but then won't a Pimeta cost more than $60 and less portable to boot? I was answering in the spirit of comparing with the Pimeta. But I agree, it will blow the budget.
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    Help picking out a basic pocket amp for travel cans.

    Won't the mini3 be closer to your requirements than a pimeta2? It's certainly a lot more portable. The Mini³ Portable Stereo Headphone Amplifier
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    Any ideas for a low-budget speaker amp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by linuxworks 41hz site looks interesting. I had not seen that HIGH power tripath board before. speaking of tripath, they say you can use switching power supplies with them but I got a lot of hum that way. when I went linear (12v, 1a) the hum went away. so...
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    -Not relevant anymore-

    Quote: Originally Posted by LingLing1337 *******, I hope somebody saved the pinouts for this.l
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    Best way to create holes in an altoids tin?

    I support the paper hole punch for Altoid tins. Works far better than a step drill for me. The metal is too soft to drill without distorting it.
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    Dremel for Case Work

    Quote: Originally Posted by pabbi1 Yes, and steel. I really would rather use something else to cut out IEC openings, but the Dremel gives me the greatest flexibility, and least risk. I must also recommend a cheap $13 face shield, as flying fiberglass or sand (the standard cutting...
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    Dremel for Case Work

    Quote: Originally Posted by kansei I have a package of fiberglass cutting wheels for my Dremel. You can also buy a diamond cutting wheel for the Dremel, in case you keep wearing through the fiberglass cutting wheels. Cutting Wheels | There are also other accessories...
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    Dremel for Case Work

    Quote: Originally Posted by compuryan They're great for smoothing edges. And cutting square holes. And any place a drill doesn't easily fit. Very handy little tool. How does one use a dremel to cut a square hole? Would like to learn this.
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    Post pics of your builds....

    Quote: Originally Posted by linuxworks another angle (compare shot) of the bantam dac and gamma1 dac: Aren't you going to put on record your opinions of the sound quality from both?
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    41Hz amp questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by cotdt really? they respond to my emails instantly! they must like me very much pinkfloyd4ever, I built an Amp5. Don't use the stock input and output capacitors or inductors. Use film capacitors in their place, and an inductor with a permalloy core. each...
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    I think my hands are too shaky for some of this soldering

    I think the problem is usually with the surface mount components, like the SOIC opamps. For this, I usually will apply a little flux to the pads and legs of the opamp. Then I will have one hand holding a tweezer to hold down the opamp, while the other hand with the iron, picks up a little solder...
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    I think my hands are too shaky for some of this soldering

    I use a vise to hold the pcb. If the pcb doesn't fit in the vise, I use a "third hand" gadget to hold it. I also need to rest my wrists. Other aids to soldering include flux and a nice temperature controlled iron to quickly transfer heat. At my age, I also need clip on magnifiers for close-up...