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    Info on the "aune" USB DAC/Amp

    Still using the good old Aune I bought back in September 2010 :)  Been faultless.
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    Is it worth buying a good amp for my HD 555s?

    i run mine from my amps output (yamaha a-s700 or a nad c300) or sometimes my Aune DAC/headphone amp - all are significantly better than using headphones right off the onboard!
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    Musical Fidelity V-LINK USB SPDIF "On-chip adaptive clock generator (ACG) supports asynchronous, synchronous and adaptive synchronization modes for isochronous endpoints"   IC3 is possibly some kinda...
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    Musical Fidelity V-LINK USB SPDIF

    also i am guessing one of the ICs can produce it's own clock...hence the need for only one xtal
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    Musical Fidelity V-LINK USB SPDIF

    thanks for the internal shot wood :)
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    MP3 Debate: 320CBR vs V0

    for the no difference between flac and mp3 brigade, i will/can ABX .flac from .mp3 anytime, anyplace, anywhere.  yay mr T!   for mp3, i would use VBR as i'd only use mp3 when space is a concern.  i really doubt i could abx VBR from 320.
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    Mini Dac TDA1543 X 4 NOS

    bottom one looks nice and neat, good template for modding :)
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    Why do people buy expensive DACs?   project86 whose new reference DAC is this one also lives in the bay area (am i right in thinking san francisco is the bay area?) perhaps his will be at the meet hehe
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    should i run XP or win7 on my older gaming desktop

    here's one of those board things
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    DACT vs GOLDPOINT attenuators --->

    what about light dependant resistors?  
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    Guitar-fi anyone?

    they are just cheap, well made guitars :)
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    Modifcations for a cheap Logitech amp/sub?

    interesting eh...yes this is the first time i've done something like this, wasn't sure where to start haha...   i chopped the pod off and desoldered all the bits off it to use later :D then i got a motorised alps pot i took out of a very dead yamaha AX-396 amp (yamaha seem to use all...
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