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    Picture Discs vs Normal Vinyl sound quality?

    How about "etched" vinyl? I had one from Styx in my hands at the local GW and I opted not to get it. Should have bought it since it was only $1, but it's long been sold so...
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    Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Greatest Hits

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wil is it me or is this recording absolutely horrible? Was listening to it thru my Senns HD-595 , Rotel RCD 1072 and Spark HA-1A amp and it was absolutely BRIGHT. My ears hurt. I swear. I've heard that RHCP recordings have always been this...
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    Which mussorgsky pictures at an exhibition?

    Quote: Originally Posted by dave-the-rave Sorry... gotta go with Emerson, Lake & Palmer or Tomita on this one. I'll have to dig out my Mexican pressing of this ELP classic.
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    What's with my Yes album?

    My album plays without distortion all the way through and mine is a 1st pressing so its more likely the previous owner or owners played the album on an inferior player and or needle. Could also be improper tracking,bias or needle placement setting. I've heard of the later being hard on the...
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    I just bought a cd for $7 worth $99 on amazon

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Ward Supply and demand. I ran across something I've owned for years offered used on for $80. Figured I was going to clean up, but the next time I checked they were showing multiple copies for as little as $12. Enjoy your music. BW...
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    What is the rockin'est rendition of Voodoo Chile?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn SRV's live version on the dvd "Live in Austin" is full of evil mojo. i think SRV was actually possessed for that take. check it out. Whatever Steve had running through his veins that night didn't seem to hamper his playing any. That was an awesome...
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    Has anyone seen The Moody Blues live?

    Just curious, is the price NZ dollars or US dollars? If it's US dollars, I would pass.
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    Introduce me to Jazz...

    Mono, but it sounds sweet.
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    Introduce me to Jazz...

    Riverside 20bit K2 beats the Ken Burns stuff hands down.
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    Lark's Tongues in Aspic

    Those links just got saved. Thanks, great help. The re-master of Lark's I have is quite good. I can't imagine the sound could get any better by a great enough margin. But then again they have made me eat my words more than once.
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    Am I the only one who doesn't really like the the Strokes

    The Strokes are kinda like a sub-genre of alternative. Many other bands fall into this like the White Stripes for instance. Low end recordings with distortion being a big part of their sound. The Red Hot Chili Peppers SQ were also bad on just about all the cd's I own of them. It is beginning...
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    The Doors

    Today I got two remastered from the 1999 Grundman collection. L.A. Woman and Strange Days. I didn't go for The Doors cause I wanted to hear how good these remasters were first. Wow! I am impressed. I got them for $11.99 each at Circuit City. The Doors first album went for a premium @ $13.99. I...
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    The Doors

    CD universe has me a bit confused. Is this a newer remaster of the 1999 The Complete Studio Recordings?> That site has them both listed and the newer version is actually cheaper than the older one. Explain me this.
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    Pearl Jam Riot Act 2lp Always Warped ?

    If I were you I would make a formal complaint by phone to the manufacturers main office. They will appreciate your input and probably send you a coupon or complete refund and more importantly they will fix the problem causing the warpage.
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    sr225's never came!!! What!

    Quote: Originally Posted by X14Halo so i order my sr225's through are backordered blah blah.... finaly shipped today, and when i look at the tracking number on UPS, they say they delivered it to the front door at 3:20, BUT IT NEVER CAME! i live in a safe...