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    September 10th, 2016: Arizona Head-Fi Meet Q3 2016

    Looking forward to seeing everyone! Besides our amplifier gear and accessories, I will also have on hand: - TXH00 - TXH00PH - HD650 - 7XX - Lightly modded original ATH M50's - DBV3 modded T50RP's
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    January 30th: Arizona Head-Fi Meet Q1 2016

    Was a great time - appreciate everyone that came! Until next time!
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    Arizona Head-Fi Meet: January 24th 2015 - Impressions Thread

    The meet was a blast, the company fantastic and the gear on hand was nothing short of amazing! Great to meet so many local enthusiasts. I have some photos as well that I will try to get posted tonight.   A big thanks to the guys that made it all happen / destroysall and coolzo. Thanks for the...
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    Post pictures of your Tube Tester(s)!

    Very cool gear guys - glad this post was dug up. Good to see so many keeping vintage gear in such excellent condition! That 747 is a beauty.
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    Project Sunrise/PS2 Tube Rolling Thread (and maybe even Project Horizon and Project Ember)

    All of the early Sunrise I kits and many Sunrise II kits received reflektor 6n23p's until the sources dried up. Then the change was made to  voskhod and those sources quickly dried up. Shoot me a detailed photo from the side of your tube and I can tell you exactly what you have.
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    Project Sunrise/PS2 Tube Rolling Thread (and maybe even Project Horizon and Project Ember)

    I like 12av7’s in general. Funny as I have a Raytheon I am listening to in a starlight right at this very moment . I do find them noticeably more susceptible to noise than other tubes in certain situations. And yes, prices on all vintage tubes have been on a rapid rise over the last 6-8 months I...
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    Project Sunrise/PS2 Tube Rolling Thread (and maybe even Project Horizon and Project Ember)

    No secret I am a fan of the 12bh7 / 12bh7a, but I recently have been toying with their less common brother, the 6gu7 which is basically a 6v version. Outstanding tall bottle tube (tall for a mini 9 pin at about 1/2" taller than say a 12au7) and can be had for a couple of bucks per tube. To note...
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    Question: Low-Volume Channel Imbalance

    Looking at the PCB and parts used, appears to be a bourns ptd90 dual gang series potentiometer (actually the best small footprint pot you can get IMO). As you know - posted, channel imbalance at low volumes is normal with them with both 10 & 20% models, generally only 1 in 3 match well at low...
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    Fostex T50RP Incremental Mods and Measurements

    Quote: I probably would claw or bite if someone tried to take them - would go full smeagol (yes I had to google the spelling of the name, not quite that much of a geek)!
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    Fostex T50RP Incremental Mods and Measurements

    I wanted to post some quick notes on my DBV3 modded 50rps... All I can say is wow.... these mods took what in my opinion was a terrible sounding headphone (sorry if it offends... but they really are terrible stock) to an outstanding one. Out of my collection, these are quite magical with strings...
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    A Concise View of Why The ATH-M50 is No Longer King

    I had the chance to listen to a pair of M50's last night modified with DT250 velours. My impressions: - They were a lot of fun, outstanding on rock,metal and electronic. Had an evil grin on my face listening to some old zombie and nin - Stage was a bit closed, nothing awesome. Had a (not...
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    Phoenix Area! (Scottsdale, Tempe, ect.)

    Wish I could help you out, will be bringing 650's however if you want to give them a run.
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    Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps

    The G2 is a better amp stock for stock than the V2 bravo or ocean. And 38ohm is on the limit for the g2 but it will power them fine. Still needs modding though to be a decent amp.