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    Whiplash Audio Reference Hybrid IEM Cable shipped

    For those of you who wants to give Whiplash products a chance but never did because of the poor customer service, I have one used pair of the Whiplash Hybrid IEM cable. These have Oyaide 3.5mm straight plugs and fits UM/Westone/JH sockets. They are in brand new condition and no signs of wear...
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    Beat Audio Silver Sonic MKIII

    I am selling a Beat Audio Silver Sonic MK III cable on behalf of my friend with sockets that fit UM/Westone/JH customs. He no longer has the packaging they came in but the cable is in great condition and most importantly, they sound great!   The price includes shipping and paypal fees, but...
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    SEALED Whiplash Elite TWag V2 (OM) Eclipse IEM Cable

    I have a pair of the Whiplash TWag V2 Eclipse (OM) for sale. These are SEALED and of course, completely brand new! Originally bought this May.   They have JH/Westone/UM/Heir Audio sockets and is terminated with a straight Oyaide plug.    Reason for sale is because I purchased my first...
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    Are custom IEMs still popular?

    Heir Audio is actually subdivision of Micro-DSP based in Canada, but their lab is in China and all orders would be fulfilled there.    I actually think there is just as much noise if not more noise on custom iems. Some more CIEM companies that surfaced this year include FrogBeats and...
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    Best rugged IEM's under $150?

    Quote: I beg to differ as the TF10 has a v-shaped response, which is generally the safer choice for someone who does not have much experience with IEMs. The TF10's street price is also no where near the retail price, currently sitting at about the same range as the GR07. For rock, metal and...
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    Klipsch x10 vs Ue Triple Fi 10???

    In my experience with both I found the TF10 to be bassier. 
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    iPad 2 3G 64Gb mint condition

    Quote: You should probably just close this classified and post again in the right forum. Good luck.    
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    Review chacne !! DUNU Silver impact (Sharing DUNU picture and your thoughts to win review chance, prize includes DN-19 Tai Chi!!!)

    My entry:   Thanks for the opportunity and consideration.    
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    DUNU Trident (DN-12)

    Impressions: I recently got myself a pair of Dunu Tridents after hearing that they are one of the best budget earphones available. Upon getting the package, I was very impressed with the packaging and presentation of the product. They are packaged extremely well and the earphones are displayed...
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    The Wizard Appreciation Thread - Long Live the Wizard - The former HA Appreciation Thread

    Without a bite block or anything to bite on, it's most likely you moved your jaw even a little bit during the process. But who knows, it could still turn out okay, hopefully. 
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    Unique melody wire

    The right side should have a red dot, while the left has a blue dot.
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    Giveaway: at least a dozen entry-level earphones

    Count me in. I'd love to hear more earphones with different sound signatures.   Thanks!