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    Fake ATH-ESW-9? (56K warning!)

    Hi all. I'm in the market for a pair of ESW9A. Can anyone suggest an "authorised legit" dealer I can purchase these from? I dont mind the full price as long as I can stay away from this counterfeit issue. I just want the best earpad style portable headphone I can find. Period.
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    The new Zune software (Version 2.X) thread

    everything i love and hate about the upgrade was posted already. I'd like to add that i like how when you don't have an album art, it shows you the background instead of the weird default albumarts of random colors. nothing significant, but a nicely detailed touch here.
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    Weak dollar good or bad for headfi?

    I've started investing in some stock with moderate success while head-fi was down. During that time I was wondering how the cheaper dollar would affect the 'head-fi economy' because technically speaking, a used headphone, amp or source overseas in europe or asia could actually accumulate value...
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    ZUNE 2 Thread - Latest news & Updates

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jon118 As for the clickwheel, I'll definitely dispute you over it being better. To me the clickwheel flat out sucks for scrolling through a lot. My friend doesn't even have half the collection I do, but still, scrolling through what he did have on his Nano...
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    ZUNE 2 Thread - Latest news & Updates

    I have to agree with you. I still remain skeptical about the design and the computer software, but microsoft seems to tick every other box right. The screen, ui, sound quality, headphones and dear lord, the timing of it's release just seem so logical. Can't wait for the new update on the old...
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    eBay bidder wants to me send package to Africa. Is this a scam?

    Guys I received a fake payment confirmation email from the scammer. This confirmations emails should come from paypal directly so I knew for sure this is a scam. I'm posting a copy of the email so you can take a look at how a fake one looks like. Check this out. (56k Beware) Is there any...
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    FS: Original 5gb iPod
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    Anyone else a fan of this gorgeous Brazilian? CéU - Lenda (same song, better sound) CéU - Ave Cruz CéU interview in Portuguese (I think)...
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    teen audiophile moral issues

    I wouldn't say his parent's a completely correct in their assessment of audiophile equipment, but since the kid is only 16, it they call the shots. Sorry kid, but you're at their mercy for two more years. This is very necessary because they have the right to influence -not control- the person...
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    Xbox 360 doesn't recognize two DAPs at once?

    I plugged in my recently acquired Zune while my iPod was still plugged in and it appears that the xbox can't recognize two DAPs at once. Is this normal?
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    HOLY CRAP! Is Sony finally ditching SONICSTAGE?!

    I think they should focus on simplifying sonic stage. Its a pretty capable program that needs to be refined but throwing it all away would be a waste. Atrac on the other hand, should be abandoned imo.
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig Part VII

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Dawkins Does any of you understand what he wrote on the papers ?
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig Part VII

    Quote: Originally Posted by apnk DRSpeed85, now you need to invest in music. Well I just got it two days ago. I think discovering 5 albums is pretty quick in just two days.