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    Sony XBA-N3AP and XBA-N1AP — Impressions thread

    Hey fellas, haven't posted on here for a while. Recent work changes have me trading in a 2.1 desktop audio setup back to some IEMs. Very intrigued with the N3s based upon the extensive research I've done on them. A buddy at work was swearing by the Tin Audio T2s, so I picked up a pair of T3s...
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    Sony SBH80: Wireless to the Next Level: Review

    Hey, to each their own.  The killer feature for me with the 615s is the waterproof feature.  If I can have waterproof and good sound quality, which is where I would rank these, then I'll be ecstatic.  Here's a list of "sport" earbuds I've burned through over the past 3 years:   4 Monster...
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    Sony SBH80: Wireless to the Next Level: Review

    Haven't tried the JLabs yet or the Jaybirds Bluebuds.  Have read mixed reviews on both.  My current exercise / running setup is a BlueAnt Ribbon BT transmitter that I wear on my waistband and paired to my Adidas watch and then some Audio Technica CPK 500s off of the Blue Ant.  They're rated as...
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    Sony SBH80: Wireless to the Next Level: Review

    I had the RBH EP-SB for about a month, but ultimately returned them.  I will say that they sounded dang good.  They've been on sale off and on recently, but I bought them at list and expected them to sound pretty good.  And, they did.  Sounded extraordinary.  I was completely blown away by the...
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    Atlas Earbuddy - Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones - Any owners reading this?

    Hi Felix, I don't make it around her to post too often anymore, but in doing some Google searches on this headphone model, your Head-Fi post popped up.  I've chewed through more than my fair share of wired and wireless workout / running in-ears.  I recently sent back the RBH EP-SB wireless...
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    IEM for intense workouts?

    I just did a write-up on another thread about the isports:   Bottom line:  If you have a $150 budget, but them.  Like you I work out everyday and sometimes multiple times / day.  I put them through the paces today with an 8 mile run...
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    How is Monster iSport?

    I guess I'm digging up an old thread here, but I scored a pair of these for $69 on ebay from Monster's ebay store.  They were marketed as refurbished, but I couldn't tell the difference when they arrived in full retail packaging with all accessories.  Initially, I thought now way would I pay the...
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    need recommendation ....westone3 or shure 530 or trf 10 or ie8

    Refigured cable or not with the Shures, they're not getting any more of my money. My E4cs had cable issues twice. The first time they were replaced under warranty, but the second time they were not covered. I bought these things back when they close to 3 bills. 2 friends at work have also had...
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    REVIEW: WESTONE 3, the ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL IEM vs everything else

    I finally have a few minutes to post up some impressions of my W3s. I received them last Thursday and gave them a quick run out of the box with my iPod 5g and the stock Comply tips on them. At first I'll be honest, I was thinking that I'll be sending these straight back to the vendor. The lows...
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    REVIEW: WESTONE 3, the ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL IEM vs everything else

    Hey, I'm kind of coming out of the woodwork here. I've been a member here for a while, but fell off over the past couple of years, but back in the market for some new IEMs. My Shure E4cs wires split (2nd pair) and are out of warranty. Pretty much fed up with Shure QC, so I've been following...
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    E4Cs good value now?

    I don't chime in too often anymore, but I got a bit of an axe to grind with Shure. I bought my original E4cs back in '05 I believe it was, and the caps at the bottom of the driver housings cracked. Shure covered the 1st pair under warranty. Towards the end of last year, the cable started...
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    Movies n' Phones

    I don't have much time to cover this, but I'm running some Senn HD-595s out of a Marantz SR5500 receiver with Dolby Headphone into (a now broke) Shellbrook Maxi Signature, and then into 595s. Let me just say that I would be hard-pressed to ever get another receiver without DH, it's that good.
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    Just Received ALO "Copper Dock"!!!

    Sorry for the delay on pics, been busy all weekend with World Series festivities. Will try to get some up this evening. Go Cards!!!
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    speaker recommendation for a new stereo set-up

    Maybe you could find some Kef Reference 201s used or on close out. Properly driven, you actually have to toe them out a little depending upon setup. I love them, they give me a chubby when listening to them. And, yes, Dynaudio makes a hell of a speaker as well.
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    Best 120$ receiver for 2.0/2.1 speakers that can be bought @ bb?

    might want to check out ebay for some used/refurbed 2 channel receivers...or check our CC which carries some Onkyo 2 channel receivers...not sure if any of them have a sub pre-out though. Also, has refurbed deals on their stereo receivers as well.