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    Christian / Christian Rock.

    an essential Christian Album is dc Talk - Jesus Freak.
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    Storm Digital : Includes voluntary tracking.

    Quote: Originally Posted by rincewind Who's Jason? The COEM AU I'm talking about is run by two guys named Daniel and John. Nos such elephant as Jason. Ben. Gah! My word. That's what happens when you've been on the internet too long and need to edit, long story short. I will...
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    Storm Digital : Includes voluntary tracking.

    From COEM: Hi Daryn, I can verify that I placed my order way before many head-fi members did. I will check my records and get back to you with a confirmed date. I haven't placed any new orders yet, Ken still needs to send out the outstanding orders to head-fi members. Shipping took...
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    Storm Digital : Includes voluntary tracking.

    No, you are a liar. This is not something that is up for debate. You have lied to people, time and again, proven beyond all resonable doubt in every possible way. That makes you a liar. But I just emailed Coem asking when they ordered their Pandoras and when they expect the next shipment in.
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    Storm Digital : Includes voluntary tracking.

    Quote: Originally Posted by storm-digital ok,let me response here again,and tell some truth here!! about FAKED BUSINESS ADDRESS, i dont think Eddie will go there,i dont want to talk much about him.there is far away from his place,STORM AUDIO TECHNOLOGY is legal registration company...
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    Storm Digital : Includes voluntary tracking.

    I'm just going to add this... to anyone saying that banning Storm Digital from Head-fi would prevent Ken from finishing his He has everyone's contact information that he needs to. If anything, I would say that banning Ken and Storm Digital topics would help him concentrate on...
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    eBay: the ultimate Transformers collection

    If my wife did this, I'd kill her from beyond the grave. And the boobmonger she's marrying.
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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    Quote: Originally Posted by jbloudg20 I know its a novel concept, but why don't you listen and place it yourself. Scary to form your own opinion, huh I know it's a novel concept, but grow a sense of humor you elitist snob.
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    Avril Lavigne Sued

    I saw this earlier. Go to to hear the samples of Avril's, theirs, and various covers.
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    Help me accomplish something that NEEDS to happen.

    I'm sorry, but that goes on record as being the funniest thing I've ever read.
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    The strangest or most painful voice in rock/pop!

    The chick in Arcade Fire. You're not a singer. You're yelling. Just because you're a girl doesn't mean...ah forget it. Adam Levine of Maroon 5. There's a reason it sounds artificial and lifeless. When you have a machine correct every note you can't hit, it tends to be obvious. Bjork. And I...
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    Your favorite 'singer/songwriter' PAIRS in rock?

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Anderson/Butler. I too am a Difford/Tilbrook person. Squeeze is back together. Yay. Charlie and Craig Reid. Oddly enough, most of my music preference centers around one songwriter,
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    Post a picture of your Headphone Rig.

    Quote: Originally Posted by terance Incredibly proud of my new vinyl rig, I honestly don't see myself purchasing another cd again. 20 years old. . .i should have waited till i had more money to get into vinyl =/ I just got that exact same turntable yesterday. How is it?
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    anyone else listening to Brett Anderson? (Suede, The Tears)

    Quote: Originally Posted by bong the Brett Anderson solo album is good, but just don't expect anything close to Suede. much like Bernard Butler's solo albums didn't sound remotely like Suede. he does have a surprising angelic voice though. strangely enough, The Tears does sound like...
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    Closed vs Open

    Just wanted to know, since it baffles me as to which one is better. I've never heard the W5000's, but they look nicer and cost more than the open end K701. With closed cans, I know the sound can reverberate and become muddy sometimes from what I've heard on other models. I'm basically looking...