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    The Cure - Strange Frequency Spectrum?

    Some of the original mixes of the songs on the albums were meant to have a bit of a wall of sound effect to them, from what I recall from old articles and can tell from listening to them. At the time he tried to fill almost every single little nook and cranny with some sort of sound. An...
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    The Cure's new album 4:13 Dream

    So far I am loving the new album to bits. I am part of the crew that thinks it's the best album in the last 15 years from the boys. I absolutely love Underneath The Stars, The Reasons Why, Freakshow, Switch, Sleep When I'm Dead, Scream, and It's Over. Totally looking forward to the...
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    Most Hated Headphones

    1. Skullcandy (let's say Ink'd) 2. They'd have to pay me with hard drugs to be able to deal with listening to these things. 3. I have to sell them at work. We get more of these freaking things back than any other headphone. They're popular for the looks, but they sound lousy. Some of them...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by omegaman Downloading now !!! Not my usual taste, but if you don't try you never know. For the price you can't go wrong For sure! The album was released under a Creative Commons license, so he's only interested in people paying for his music if they...
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    Yuin PK1-PK2 impressions thread

    It took a while for me to get mine in Canada, but I e-mailed him and he told me everything would be alright, and lo and behold they showed up one fine day. The whole time, the USPS thing showed the same message, so I'm pretty much convinced that it's total garbage. Don't rely on it at all...
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    I just can't stop listening to thread...

    I've been going crazy for this video on youtube: Elysian Fields - We're in love There's a studio version on their album "Bum Raps & Love Taps," but this version is special.
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    Aphex Twin

    I like the stuff he did under the alias Polygon Window. If you haven't heard it yet, "Classics" by Aphex Twin contains some wonderful bits of music from his older style. In particular, Polynomial-C is a personal favourite.
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    I really enjoy the local Tim Horton's coffe, and I usually buy the coarse grind to use in my french press. I kinda want to try a vacuum coffee maker one day!
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    So is it Rockbox or iTunes?

    I personally don't hate iTunes, but I like the extra features I get from using Rockbox, like the drag and drop capabilities, the interface themes, crossfades on track skip and shuffle mode, the partymode playlisting and replaygain (which I prefer to soundcheck because of album gain). It's...
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    Quality, 21st Century Hip-Hop:

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    Mixtape Rockbox theme for iPod Video 5g

    I made this very simple theme for kicks, and decided to share it. Hopefully there are some people here that might like it! It's pretty much built for plain jane vanilla Rockbox builds, so there's no support for album art or scrolling margins. The theme and sample images of it are...
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    Question about Swans "The Great Annihilator"

    I have an old Invisible Records copy of The Great Annihilator, and I see that the new 2002 versions of this album are remastered. Are there any positive sound quality differences between these releases? I don't want to buy a new copy if there's no difference or the newer version just sucks...
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    Darkest Mellow Desires.

    Does jesu count? Maybe the self-titled album, the more recent stuff seem to make metal-oriented people unhappy (in a bad way). Seeing them on the 19th! Can't wait...
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    Scariest movies around

    The thing I really like about the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (and something a lot of people have commented on, too) is that you never really see anything really gory. You just *think* you see it, but in actuality there is very little blood in the film at all. TCM is amazing for this very...
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    Looking to upgrade my amp.

    Over three years ago, I bought my first headphone amp, a Corda HA-1 MKII. It's served me well for quite a while, but I feel it's time to try something new. My headphone collection includes Sennheiser HD 650s, Beyerdynamic DT 880s, and Shure e500s. Currently, I'm playing everything (lossless...