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    E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

    Wow! How did you model that pattern on them? Thanks for the credits! Daan
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    RSA Intruder, upgraded DAC, good battery, silver (price drop)

    Sorry, decided not to sell this, the sound is just TOO good...   After using this for a few years with a Fostex TH600 I want to buy a Sennheiser Momentum Wireless.   The Intruder is in good shape, comes with a universal charger, lots of RSA plugs and a few short micro to mini USB OTG cables...
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    Looking for an IEM/earphone. Spoiled by Fostex TH-600.

    Hi! I use a TH-600 with the RSA Intruder as my portable rig. It sounds amazing, but the Fostex is big, heavy, and makes me sweat in the summer (and look like a geek). I'm looking for an IEM with roughly the same sound signature as the Fostex. The Fostex makes everything sound smooth, neve harsh...
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    micro to mini usb otg cable

    That's weird... I've been pretty careful with them, but went through six of them in short time.
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    micro to mini usb otg cable

      I'm unhappy to say this, but this cable is absolute crap. Bending the cable to connect your smartphone to a DAC causes the wires to shorten, which in effect stops audio playback when you so much as look at it.   I'm going to buy a better one by Moon audio or Forza audio, after using 6 of...
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    Problems with USB audio and Samsung Galaxy S4

    Okay, I'm completely baffled here. I recieved this new cable and it's sturdy. When I plug it into my phone and the amp I get sound. When I wiggle the cable, it keeps playing.   BUT when I try to put the phone and amp (velcroed together) in my coat pocket I hear a loud pop and the music stops...
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    Designing Balance Cable for Ray Samuels RSA SR-71B, latest version!!

    Hi all, I just completed a RSA to 3,5mm jack adapter cable. Handy for when the battery of my Intruder dies while on the road. I got the female RSA from Ray, but it was difficult.   Daan   EDIT: it was a nice idea, but the RSA female plug is just too vulnerable. After applying tape to provide...
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    Micro-USB vulnerability?

    Hi, I have a Samsung S4 connected to a RSA Intruder, to Fostex TH600. The connection to my phone is very wobbly. I had the port fixed on my phone, but still the slightest touch can make the audio stop. Is there anyone with a possible solution?   Thanks, Daan   P I post here because this...
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    RSA connector needed in Europe

    Hi guys, I need two RSA connectors also known as kobiconn, but Mouser charges €20 for shipping... Can anyone get them to me for less? Thanks, Daan
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    Galaxy S4 USB audio problem

    I just tested another s4 with the intruder, and it has exactly the same problem. .... can anybody please help?
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    iem recommendation

    Thanks OMG. I think I will try out the DUNU DN1000.
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    [T-PEOS] Announce Closing Preorder of Altone200 and Start Official Sale

    Hi, is the ordering info in the first post still valid?