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    Best bluetooth earbuds?

    Budget is flexible, only requirement is that they are wireless and have that little thingy that goes over your ears to stop them from falling out(like these: They're for working out in a gym, so I guess noise...
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    Best speakers with $150 budget?

    Great sound is obviously the main priority, but I don't want anything too big and not sure how much room I have for a subwoofer(does it have to be right next to the speakers?) Ideally I want stereo but if there's an extremely good single speaker out there that'd be great. Bluetooth support is...
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    Good side/under desk headphone stand for LCD2/heavy headphones?

    I recently gave this thing a shot:   And totally missed the minimum weight requirements which the LCD2 are just over. It's exactly the kind of the thing I was looking for but...
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    HE-400 vs LCD 2 comfort/weight comparisons

    Just got the LCD-2's in the mail today.   Weight difference is negligible, they actually feel a bit lighter than the HE-400's since there's more clamp and they're more comfortable all around imo.   Haven't had time for an extended listening sesh yet but I don't think it's gonna be a problem.
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    Left ear phone on HE-400 is going out, need new planar magnetics to replace

    I think I'm just gonna say **** it and get the LCD-2.   Wish there was somewhere I can try it though so I can see if it's too heavy or something. Doesn't weigh that much more than HE-400 so I imagine I'll be fine.
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    The time has come: SteamOS

      It's not just for streaming. It's an OS that is meant for playing games off of it natively.   They talk about it having performance advantages, streaming it off a machine running Windows would get rid of those advantages.
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    The time has come: SteamOS

      So basically if you want to play games from the Steam OS, but still have access to Windows games you'll need two gaming PCs.   I can see it being useful for a streaming device but as it's own OS to run games natively, this doesn't seem like a good idea. Way too many Windows only games.
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    Audio fidelity and compression?

    If they were from the same source, yeah compression settings on FLAC have no effect on audio quality. 1 and 8 sound the same, they have identical playback.   But like xnor said who knows where the one you downloaded has been.
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    Audio fidelity and compression?

    The entire point of FLAC is so you can compress the file without losing fidelity. Compression only effects encode/decode speed. The decode time is extremely small regardless of compression so it's negligible, and the encoding is a one time thing.
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    Any Sim Racing Fans?

    That is true, I hadn't considered that. I'd imagine it would make using an h-shifter especially hard.   But I'm a noob who normally either sticks to automatic or uses paddle shifters so it's all good here. 
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    Any Sim Racing Fans?

    I have the Fanatec Porsche GT3 RS V2 wheel myself, as well as the CSR elite pedals plus the inversion kit. It's a nice wheel and the pedals are really nice. Inversion kit is a bit expensive for what it is(just some metal pieces) but it's worth it IMO.   The brake on the CSR elite pedals is...
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    Any Sim Racing Fans?

    Thanks for the detailed impressions guys.   I am very new to sim racing so I don't think I ever even made it around the track in rFactor2. I'm going to give it another shot now that I'm more used to my wheel but I've mostly been jumping between sims to see how they feel. I got the SimBin...
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    Would you recommend Half-Life and/or Half-Life 2?

    Quote: Foobar has a tool built in for it.    Honestly I don't see why you'd want a high dynamic range for a video game soundtrack though, especially something like Black Mesa... The quiet stuff would just be drowned out by gunshots and other ambiance.
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    Would you recommend Half-Life and/or Half-Life 2?

    It's possible to use a controller on most games, but if you have a wireless controller you'll need an adapter(play and charge kits will not work).   Unfortunately the only standalone adapters you can get now are bootlegs, although some of the bootlegs have good feedback. The official one's...
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    Infestation: Survivor Stories

    This is the first time I've ever heard anything remotely positive about this game.   Everything else has been talks of it being scam, the developers randomly banning people once they see they are addicted enough to buy it again anyways, players being nothing but hackers and griefers etc..