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    Help me ! My Grado HF-1.......

    I would use high strength plastic epoxy for a longer lasting fix. the bonding it has with plastic and also steel is far superior to crazy glue. simply mix equal parts for a minute and apply. krazy glue is good where flexibility is not an issue, this application would most likely crack apart and...
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    best 3 Metallica albums , in order of preference

    St Anger Reload Load bahahahah
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    Gibson LP -> portable amp -> MS1's

    cool, thanks. I'll give those a look.
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    Gibson LP -> portable amp -> MS1's

    I'm thinking of getting a Gibson or perhaps a epiphone les paul standard soon. If I go the Gibson route I wont initially have enough to also afford an amp to go along with it. Is there a DIY amp I could make or a just recommended product that would allow me to listen to the guitar through a set...
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    MS1 pad poll?

    I like stacking the bowls on top of the comfies w/ the quarter mod. If you kinda squish them together you get a very comfortable result. bowls on your ears pressed up against modded comfies = teh pwnage
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    What do you get, when you mix......*KSC75 MOD

    omg that is sooooo much like what i had done to my pair its not even funny. I just took the coat hanger wire and bent it around in a pinched L shape that fits the ksc style ball joint connection in between the pinched wire. It fit very well and still works amazingly well. needless to say i never...
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    Oscilloscope Uses

    Hi everybody, i've been reading the forums here for a while now and I thought I needed some guidance with my new tool. I recently became the proud owner of a tektronix 5110 oscilloscope. It seems to be in excellent working condition and has a multitude of buttons, knobs and probe connectors. It...
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