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    Been out of the game for awhile, need suggestions

    I've been really happy with my audio setup for the past 4 or so years, but some of my equipment is starting to act up, and I'm looking for replacements. I haven't kept up with the audio world in quite some time, so I'd welcome some recommendations. Here's my current setup:   Macbook Pro ->...
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    Sent KSC-35 for warranty repair, got KSC-75s back

    My KSC-35 headphones recently stopped working, so I sent them in to Koss for repair along with a check for $6. I know the policy states Koss has the right to replace any headphones with a similar model, but I wrote a note instructing the warranty department that if they could not or would not...
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    What do you guys think about the HD212's?

    The 212's have a lot of muddy bass and they are horribly uncomfortable. I suggest the beyerdynamic DT770s.
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    Koss KSC35 troubles...

    The left channel on my KSC 35 no longer puts out any sound. I suspect the cable is the problem but I'm not sure. Will Koss honor the warranty on them? I bought them used awhile back, so I don't have proof of purchase, and the earclips are borrowed from KSC 75s. Will I still be able to get them...
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    Razer m100 pro

    I was led to believe that they were rebadged EP630s, so I bought a pair. I wasn't impressed with them... bass was bloated, overall not very detailed, and the tips didn't fit me well. The mediums were too small, the larges were too big. Although I guess they're only $20, so not much harm in...
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    Newbie stereo question

    I'm thinking about buying a Super T-amp, but I had some questions on the set-up. I was hoping to use the line out on my iBasso D1 and connect it to the T-amp. Would I just do this using a mini to RCA cable? How do I know which channel is right and left?
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    Just lost my Sennheisers today. :(

    Do you still have the KSC75s? Those have a lifetime warranty...
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    Hm.... Legitimate?

    They sell hideous "police sunglasses". I would NOT trust this retailer.
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    Phones for College

    Does your laptop have a line-out jack that is separate from the headphone jack? If so, an amp may be a good investment. If not, the Emu 0404 USB would work well, but all these components will significantly increase the amount you're going to spend. Unfortunately, most of the cans you listed...
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    Strange Frequency Response Graphs

    Quote: Originally Posted by zeus_hunt So can Shure SE530 be less bassy compared to Etymotic ER6 ? Sure, some very basic things like amount of bass can be roughly measured using frequency response charts, but its impossible to determine anything about the specific character of an...
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    Help a noobie out! (IEM Recommendation)

    JVC Marshmallows maybe? Entry level canalphone, about $20.
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    AKG K181DJ or HD280 pros

    In terms of bass quantity, the HD 280 has very anemic bass when compared to the 212, but it is much more extended and precise.
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    $150 for better sound

    I agree on the source upgrade. A decent DAC will vastly improve sound quality over a Creative sound card.
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    Which foobar2k Resampler do you prefer?

    I honestly can't tell the difference, so I just use PPHS, which is purported to be the most efficient.
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    So who's staring in AWE of Headphile DEAL 5?

    Yikes. I'm sure the craftsmanship is incredible, but I honestly prefer the look of the standard metal housing. I don't think I could ever justify spending $2500 on headphones to myself.