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    which headphone for minibox-e+?

    Have you allready bought the minibox? In my opinion buying a headphone to match an amp is not the way to go, should have been the other way around. The HD650 and the grados you mentioned have such different sound signatures that no amp will make you appreciate the final sound, if from the...
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    Any good netbooks?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mikemikemike Hello everyone, Since most of you know so much about audio equipment, I'm sure a lot of you are quite tech-generally-knowledgable, so I was hoping for some help on this issue: I'm looking to purchase a netbook for school, and the only...
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    Is this guy legit?

    If writing speed and lifetime warranty is not a priority then get the fake memory cards from ebay. I use to buy a bunch of sony memory sticks and SD cards, they were fake ones from sandisks. Never had a problem with any of them. I mean these are not sophisticated hardware, I bet the fake ones...
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    Who watched the Michael Jackson Memorial?

    Quote: Originally Posted by squall343 watched the whole thing the speech by his daughter although short but is very touching Didn't watch the whole thing but watched that touchy scene. Which makes me wonder, is she really his biological child? I mean all 3 of them are so...
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    Why use amps at all?

    Quote: Originally Posted by imademymark the govibe's model you're looking for is the magnum, it has a knob so you can increase the bass quantity to the level you want. i wouldnt say being a bass head means that you shouldnt bother getting the best and most expensive amps (or for that...
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    2009 FIFA Confederation Cup

    As mentioned before, It isn't by acccident that only 7 nations have ever won the cup. I do not doubt the major teams motivation by bringing their best player and by fielding them. What I am saying is that a WC preparation for the major teams has nothing to do with a confederations cup one. You...
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    Why use amps at all?

    Quote: Originally Posted by therock003 I mostly listen to hip/hop dance/techno and although the bass coming from the shure is satisfactory, i can never get enough. Is it possible that a portable amp can drive the bass to the limit for my entertainment? Using the shure and not...
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    2009 FIFA Confederation Cup

    Not to minimize the US team achievements and I do think they have improved but did any of the major teams took the confedarations cup seriously? I am sure the players took it seriously while playing the actual match but you win a competition by preparing a team months ahead which I believe none...
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    Xbox 360- The Disc Drive....

    On pure technical aspects the PS3 is way ahead of Xbox 360 and I am not even considering the superior processing power. The noise and heat alone annoys me, add the fact that the PS3 is one of the best bluray players in it's price range and you have an amazing piece of hardware. As a gaming...
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    computer upgrade advice

    Quote: Originally Posted by sugrhigh I agree they are more expensive, but they work. I was a windows user for over 15 years and I'll never look back! Or he uses Bootcamp (free from Apple) to dual boot and he can still run windows and thus every game you can name on a much more...
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    Michael Jackson Dead

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheRobbStory Due to the fact Michael Jackson is 99% plastic, he will be melted down to Legos so kids can play with him for a change. Seriously, are those comments really necessary? I am sure you are really proud being smart ass.
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    Michael Jackson Dead

    L.A Times confirmed he is dead. R.I.P
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    computer upgrade advice

    Dude, it seems to me you are not upgrading but getting a whole new system. You have been asking questions about processor, mobo, graphics card and a power supply. I also assume that you will be getting some memory as well. Why don't you tell us what your current system is and how much you...
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    Blu-ray movie discussion thread (pics added - page 1 & 7)

    Watched 300 on my PS3 recently, imagewise maybe the most spectacular I have seen on bluray. Other than that I am not the biggest fan of the movie. Can you guys tell me what bluray player you are using? I know the PS3 is a bargain compared to other similar priced players. Another advantage is...
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    Microsoft buries ten grand on the internet

    Opera all the way! The original inventor of multi tabs and so many other useful browser functions that everyone else copied. A few years back opera was so much more advanced than firefox (let's not even talk about IE) but they have caught up. Firefox is certainly more customable but opera is...