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    The Official Cigar Thread

    I'll take them off your hands TRANC sorry it's not for you but glad you gave it a chance. I just got back from smoking a stick. I'm just trying as many as I can that are in my budget. the days of smoking >$15 sticks are over. I still have a slight buzz from the nicotine. It's great...
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    Need good black history/slavery book without n-word

    Quote: Originally Posted by El_Doug for a general education about slavery, perhaps however black slavery in the USA is of paramount importance to understanding our nation's social and cultural history. the enslavement of blacks is directly related to their underclass status during...
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    Need good black history/slavery book without n-word

    Yes, please show them the whole story. this is a sad part of America's history and it really wasn't that long ago. Yes, America's history, I'm not talking about slavery in other countries or apartheid in S. Africa. seeing that your from the US. but really 12 would be a better age for them...
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    my bro in law brought back an Opinel No. 9 from France. again, like most new knife purchases, I cut myself. Last time my brother brought back a cheap stiletto, I think he brought back a dozen or so. this was pre-TSA.
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    Dealing with persistent Debt collector

    so they really do stick to this tactic thinking it will work? even when it's truly not the right person. I don't have any suggestions since I just don't answer my phone. Can you please keep us updated and what you did to finally get them to believe you that you're not the right person? good luck.
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    Best New York Style Pizza in NYC?

    I'll join you for a nice slice at Patsy's in East Harlem. First Avenue and 117th street. I can't believe I've worked in that area for so long and haven't discovered that one of the best pizza places is in El Bario. don't worry it's a safe neighborhood. the only place that sells coal oven...
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    Best New York Style Pizza in NYC?

    I'm impressed, like the poster above some people and forums take their pizza too seriously. I like that a few mentioned their local pizza place. I don't even know the name of mine, it's just the one on 9th ave and 53rd. just your ordinary great local pizza guy who's friendly, asks how ya doin...
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    Anyone liking the TV show "Dexter"?

    I tried to like it and gave it many chances, when the L word was on before it. still love the L word.
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    Whose side are you on: Conan or Leno?

    I'm too old for Conan and not old enough for Leno. I remember seeing Leno at The Bottom Line in the village when I was 17 or 18, he did a great clean set. back then it was much easier getting into clubs and bars if you're underaged. I don't think I was ID'ed once. (and the drinking age was 18)...
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    I was hoping for a cat for Christmas but my brother couldn't make it up. he just adopted a bi-color Persian who's so sweet. He slept right next to me when I was down there for Thanksgiving, No cat breath! He was an abandoned cat in either an evicted home or a foreclosed home. neglected, his...
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    Domino's Pizza changing its pizza

    I had it 2 weeks ago, not knowing their ad campaign. first thing I've noticed carrying it out was boy that's a lot of garlic. I like it. the sauce is less tangy but they may have overdid it with the herbs. yes, I know NYC has some of the best pizza places in the world but how many have a...
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    barking dog in apartment complex: any recourse?

    I feel your pain. I live next to two tiny yapping dogs. you know the tiny ones that fit into a handbag. anyway, there's a clause in our lease that states excessive noise as a condition. and boy does our management company enforce it. I had my neighbor on the other side complain about my...
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    Target scanned my driver's license

    never had my ID scanned for anything yet, no thanks, target. The house organic beer at Whole Foods is very good. 5.99 a six pack. all they did was ask for my birth date.
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    China And Our Used Plastic

    why would I want to smell my cell phone? much less, smell it today and smell it again 2 weeks later?
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    Anyone ever buy a live chicken for food?

    Yes, quite often when I was young, there's still a few live poultry stores in NYC. yes, it tastes better than the processed stuff in the market if you've ever drove through Maryland and smelled something that's the Perdue farm. now could I tell the difference between same day kill and 2...