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    The Airpods are compatible with any bluetooth device even android phones. You do not have the simplified connection/pairing with those devices but must push a button on the charger/case in order to initiate pairing. As for iPhones, any phone which can be upgraded to IOS 10 can have the...
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    Please help me with my survey (about storage)

    Uncompressed music files now exceed 1 TB. Moving to larger storage options.
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    RSA The Shadow - smaller than P-51

    Quote: Originally Posted by jochen.schell I really hope the Shadow will be as flat as possible by positioning the battery beside and not above the electronics. So the footprint would be bigger than the one of the P-51 but the complete amp would be much flatter and nice to pair with an...
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    iBasso D10. .UPDATES 1st page, with Current Opamp Choices by HiFlight . . . images page 1, 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 71

    Quote: Originally Posted by dazzer1975 I think I ordered 2.8mm center to center without boots and I use an iskin on mine so wont be too far off the extra associated with the leather case. 2.8 mm! Hopefully that is a typo.
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    Plastic Case for Pico

    Quote: Originally Posted by chef8489 Where did you ever come up with that statement. The only thing covering helicopter blades in the US army is a od green/black paint. It does help absorb ir light and some radar, but the whole helicopters are covered in the paint. I believe he...
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    iPhone Earphone Recommendations?

    I have used Etymotic HF2 ( Etymotic Research, Inc. - High-fidelity Earphones and Hearing Instrumentation ) which can be purchased off of ebay for around $100 US, NuForce NE-7M ( Nuforce, Inc ) and Phonak Audeo IEMs ( Audéo - A more intense music experience - Home ). As far as sound quality, that...
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    Phonak Audeo?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tstarn06 I've posted this before, but I recently got the Comply T130 large foamies, which are a tiny bit thicker, not taller, than the mediums that come with the PFEs. To me, the larges really create the best seal and are still comfy, by far. And they sound...
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    The iBasso T4, tinier than the T2 and better . . with more new images page 1,5, 14 . .

    Quote: Originally Posted by JOEYBUCKETS ok i have the stock ones that they came with on now, are those the gray or black ones? Mine came with gray filters in place.
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    Phonak Audeo (PFE) Thread

    I just received my large Comply foamies from Phonak and they definitely improve the seal. The isolation is nearly as good as the Ety with the P Comply tips and the SQ is improved as well. Drums sound awesome. Very well balanced IEMs but a little short on sparkle compared to the Ety 4s. Extremely...
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    Phonak Audeo?

    These are without a doubt the most comfortable IEMs I have worn. They just seem to lock into place, resting gently in the external meatus and on the tragus. No pulling on the helix with the other arm to straighten the canal while inserting. You almost completely forget they are there. The cable...
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    Comply Tips noise isolation v/s everything else

    Shure olives give me better isolation but they are a pain in the ear. For all around comfort and isolation I like the Comply foamies as the best compromise between comfort and isolation.
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    Which LOD cable for my amp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jc9394 PM "Lil' Knight", high quality LOD. x2
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    Comply T400 tip alternatives

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 bi-flange? they have a very secure fit...the only problem i have is their material aint as soft as comply tips..hence hurts after some hours. I have been experimenting with different tips with my ER4-Ps and a HF2. The Shure olive tips (...
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    2G touch skips with lossless - bug has been fixed with firmware 2.2.1

    Quote: Originally Posted by Audiofiler As others have mentioned, mine skips with the new software as well. Hoping this gets resolved ASAP. New firmware released today. Ver 2.2.1. I have not noticed any skipping so I cannot tell you if it is fixed.