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    Review by 'anetode' on item 'Baldoor EarBell E100 MK1'

    Poor value proposition even at their price, little difference from DAP pack-in buds from a decade ago. Awful ergonomics, poor engineering evident when pressure on the baffle presses against the diaphragm. Bad sound: sibilant, the characteristically limited bandwidth of earbuds, annoying even for...
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    Chicago area Headphone Meet - January 28th 2017 "ChiUniFi"

    Looks like I'm going to be able to make it. Will bring electrostats.
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    Hifiman Edition 6 Headphones

      So like $300-$500?
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    Grado Fan Club!

      I'll admit to putting the Orpheus in the top two or three headphones I've ever heard. Glad that you're getting out there to sample the classics.     Thanks!     Yup, I was going for a bombastic Thus Spoke Zarathustra vibe by way of AA sponsor lingo. Sadly not that much more...
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    Grado Fan Club!

                        Look, I get it, I was like you once. I started with my first Grado when I was still in high school (an SR-125). It only took a few years before I blew through my savings by acquiring an RS-1. I even bought an RA-1 to power it. Every day I would...
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      Quote:   You know how they say, "don't quit your day job"? Quit your day job.
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    Getting rid of ground loops: What is the best option?

      Yeah, iso trannies are last word, I wound up having to get one for a sensitive stat amp.   I'm still not sure why this thread was resurrected though.
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    Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

      Well there's your problem -- you're not using a vector display! Get outta here with that PCM/RASTER crap, come back when you can attach a polaroid of an oscilloscope.   Wannabe audiophiles tryinna edit audio with their 4K "high-res" displays  
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    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

      i cri evry tiem
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    ABX testing consensus on the question of audibility

      Yes, I should have specified that that isn't really the best approach for codecs. Although so far the psychoacoustic models employed in compression have been tested thoroughly and scored quite well. The question then is whether our understanding of psychoacoustics is sufficient for practical...
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    Objectivists board room

    Salvage time?   Quote:   I agree that the subjectivist/objectivist label is a false dichotomy. John Atkinson is certainly smart enough to realise that, but he has a job and that job comes with expectations. It's kind of sad that the appreciation of controlled testing must divide the...
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    Differences between portable players

    People hear what they want to hear (whether consciously or otherwise). Most people who invest lots of money in boutique audiophile products are expecting some sort of audible change, if not outright improvement.
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    ABX testing consensus on the question of audibility

    There are several other avenues to pursue. Neuroimaging could prove useful: hook someone up to an fMRI during a randomized AB, whether soundmorphed or back to back. Establish thresholds for patterns of activity which occur when the test subject senses distortion. Unfortunately this approach is...
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    Objectivists board room

    Were you embarrassed by someone else's opinion of your views? Shame that you can't mod away people's thoughts    Shame, a conversation about the difference in DBTs across various disciplines could prove to be enlightening.   As SE said, it is all politics and religion, certainly there have...