Zorloo ZuperDAC Review by mark2410

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by mark2410, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. waynes world
    You tease! I hope all is going well my friend.
  2. geoemm
    the led in my zuperdac is always green, even when i play 96khx flac files.foobar200 output-WASAPI (event) zorloo zuperdac @24Bit, windows audio settings-zuperdac @ 24bit 196khz..what am i doing wrong? its supposed to have different color when playing higher sample rate audio..
  3. RedJohn456
    Thanks bud, things are going I guess haha. I think people will be surprised by whats coming out in the future :wink:
  4. St3ven
    Hi, please I'am seeking for advice. I know it's far from optimal, but is the zuperdac going to drive the HD6xx (hd650) to a listenable level? I am quite on a budget and expecting the HD6xx to arrive before Christmas. Till I save some bucks to get a better amp/DAP, will I be able to use the new headphones? Thank you :))
  5. Sam21
    I dont think Zuperdac can drive HD6xx ... I think you should pair zuperdac with a separate amp...
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  6. bencherian
    Hi nice seeing your short description. Well does it play from YouTube of G6 ? Does the Zuperdac can be used for YouTube playing also ?

    I just had G6 quad dac version and sold it and waiting for my next array of 2018 Ai smartphone probably be Huawei/Honor or Oneplus.
  7. bencherian
    @DarkSession And also is it a battery eater ? I heard lately some New news of "Ultrasone Naos" too which is also not much reviewed but those who used it mostly place it Superior over Dragonfly Red.
    One of the head-fier himself tested that.

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