Zorloo ZuperDAC Review by mark2410

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by mark2410, Dec 1, 2015.
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  1. moj0
    Is the ZuperDAC's USB input asynchronous?
  2. Sam21
    it is
  3. moj0
    Zorloo support was helpful by providing the following screenshot to confirm that it does asynchronous transfer.
  4. JohnnyOps
    It's back on Massdrop today for $60

  5. nealh
    Anybody using ZuperDac with the Apple USB lightning adapter with an iPhone getting popping or clicking sounds. I'm referring to the version that is not USB 3 version.
  6. Angular Mo
    I use it with the original iPhone adapter sometimes referred to as the CCK with a mini to RCA cable into a 70's micro stereo.

    Sounds great.
  7. Jimster480
    I saw this on massdrop today, but is it any good for low impedence phones?
  8. nealh
    Wow, it's back on Massdrop already. I just received mine last week and I'm using it with my iPhone 7.
    My primary IEM is L Z -A 4 which is a triple highbred with the dynamic driver into balanced armature. I know there was some concern regarding the output impedance but so far it sounds similar in quality to the E 17 K from FiiO.
    I think it gives a nice low-volume floor.
    I do not like high volumes for my music. I find I get a nice volume at 45% on the iPhone 7 and I suspect for many users they would probably have to be between 60 and 80%

    The unit does get slightly warm when in use. I do find however when streaming music that it uses my battery a little faster than expected. I know some of the reviews indicated it drops about 8% and hour but I have found it's more like 15% With my usage.
    However this may due to the fact that I'm using my phone, reading a book or surfing the web at the same time
    I do believe it is better than the included Apple-3.5 mm dongle included with the iPhone 7
    I think it is fairly priced and seems to be of good quality
    I need more listening time to decide how it affects the sound signature

    I do not own any android devices. I have not used it with my MacBook Pro yet
  9. Jimster480

    Nice thanks for the info!
  10. St3ven
    Hi, I wanted to share my feelings since I've got one unit for more than a month. First - I don't have much experience and hardware for comparison... I use AudioTechnika ath-m50x. Other dac I have is just the one within my iPhone. But since first use the music seems to be much more vivid, separated and it just makes me stop and listen. My girlfriend can't hear any difference though :-D but for sure I can use much higher volume without any unpleasant feelings or distortion.. It works great with Mac, PC, android and I'll soon test it with my iPhone as well, once I get my cheap otg cable from aliexpress.. But I don't expect any issues there. For the battery - yes it drains faster and the unit really gets quite warm, but nothing I wasn't expecting :) if there is anything I could help with, I'll do so happily :-D
  11. geoemm
    Is this the best bang for buck dac+amp which can be used on both windows + Android.
  12. Jimster480
    This has mixed reviews honestly. I have the FiiO K1 I think its a more solid option.
  13. geoemm
    Yeah, I 1st thought of getting k1, then I heard it's not that good with android. Then I thought of getting fiio q1. But now I feel zuperdac is pretty good especially because of the Dac used in it (same as oppo-know implementation matter more). But my doubts is whether zuperdac is 40$ and q1 30$ better than k1?

    And I fear k1 is not that much of an upgrade to the normal dacs in laptop avd Android phones
    Last edited: May 29, 2017
  14. peter123
    Really, from reading reviews the K1 seems to have a lot more mixed reviews than the Zorloo. Unfortunately I've never heard the K1 but I'd be extremely surprised if any $40 DAC outperform the Zorloo. Obviously YMMV.....
  15. waynes world
    +1. I can't really say how good the zuperdac is versus any other dacs (apart from the hifimediy ones that I have) and I leave that up to the likes of you Peter. But one thing for sure is that the zuperdac sounds pretty darned good for the $. Even though I'm constantly for the lookout for other dacs, I've been happily using the zuperdac off off my laptop and another one off of my android phone for over a year now, and I still feel satisfied.

    I guess the only thing that people really need to be concerned about is using it with low impedance gear (which hasn't been an issue for me).
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