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Zmfestivus II Meet Impressions

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  1. buke9
    Yes Legendary. And you were missed.
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  2. svk7
    So topping my list of most impressive things was AJ’s chevron mustache.

    But yeah otherwise all the gear I had an opportunity to try was pretty dope. Was great meeting everyone and looking forward to CanJam Chicago next fall!
  3. NovaFlyer
    Looks awesome! Lucky the hotel doesn't charge extra for electricity :)
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  4. buonassi
    These guys were awesome. @KB should know just how helpful and engaged these dudes were.

    As an aside im going in the record and applauding the IO. It's not perfect but for 299 are you kidding me?
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  5. KingCharizard
    Seconded, had a great time talking with JD and Caleb!
  6. Ethereal Sound
    Had a blast being able to listen to a bunch of new stuff. Was incredibly great to meet a lot of new people as well and Zach/Bevin are awesome people overall. Overall, totally worth spending my birthday there, even if I didn't win a headphone from the raffle :yum:
  7. SureSh0t
    This was my first meet and wow I was blown away by so much audio in one place.

    Above all though I was overwhelmed by the goodwill and generosity of everyone I met, from the few people who visited my table to Zach and Co. for running it.

    I went primarily because Takato (takato14/Dragon Cashier on Discord) pitched in to buy a Cleer Next with me and has been modifying it to some incredible results. He spotted me $20 to buy 5 raffle tickets and I won twice! An Aeolus and HeadAmp Gilmore Lite mk2! Holy crap!

    I was so overwhelmed I didn't get to try setups as much as I should or make connections but I'm already planning ahead for next year. I was on such a tight schedule I forgot to ask Zach for some cables for the Aeolus but I will get in touch.
    Hopefully next year things will be more planned and organized on my end so I can contribute and enjoy more.
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  8. KingCharizard
    Another fantastic meet put together by @zach915m, @BooUrns and the ZMF team! Had a great time catching up with familiar faces, meeting new ones, talking to and learning about the folks behind our favorite products, and of course listening to some very cool gear. Missed out on auditioning some things because I was distracted by talking to the very awesome participants and couldn't make it to the after party, so ZMFestivus III needs to happen next year to make up for it :ksc75smile:. Thanks to ZMF for organizing and to everyone there for participating - you all make this an awesome community!

    Bonus family photo with the Cherry Salire stand I was lucky to win in a pretty great raffle. Not my best composition but you'll live. Some quick words on the Salire: As with all things ZMF, excellent craftsmanship and finish as well as a gorgeous aesthetic. Also delivers functionally: the stand is stable no matter how I configure one or both of the headphones, pad compression is minimal and weight distribution on the headbands is pretty good; the physics work out. It's great that it can hold two headphones vertically, saving space - love that design choice. I think it works best with suspension type headbands so the LCD2 has a new home on there now :). I know a stand isn't the biggest ticket item but the Salire is just an obviously thoughtful design and quality product that speaks a lot of good about ZMF and their philosophy. I like it.


    Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

    Edit: And happy birthday @Ethereal Sound !
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  9. Zachik
    Don't worry about it - I did spend 10 minutes at your GOTL, and it sounded awesome, of course, but then I realized I have a GOTL at home, so I better audition stuff I do NOT have at home :wink:
  10. Zachik
    +1 and a BIG thank you to CA for the Andromeda black (Japanese special edition) that I won at the raffle!!!
    For someone who never wins anything at raffles - there is no better way to change that :)
  11. svk7
    Does anyone know blb's head-fi handle (i.e., the high schooler from Dayton in the beige getup with the 1960s Beyerdynamics who skipped his homecoming to attend). Need to ask him about some of the sweet tracks he uses to sample/test headphones!
  12. Zachik
    Once again, BIG thank you to @BooUrns and @zach915m for an AMAZING event.
    Having @jude @AxelCloris and @third_eye there made it a mini-CanJam for me.
    Been so awesome to meet in person several people I never met before in real life - @Darthpool @L0rdGwyn @ISOLordByron to name a few, and many more that I knew from CanJams of past like @buke9 @theotherjude @HeadAmpTeam

    Since there have been such nice photos posted already, and honestly I took VERY few of my own, I will add 2 ('cause no photos means it did not happen...):
    First up, thanks Brent @buke9 for keeping @Watagump torch burning...

    and second, had a blast at the dinner that Bevin organized! Did not take any photos during the dinner, but here is one from the brewery tour afterwards (again, to prove it happened :wink:):
    ...and yes, this is beer, being aged in barrels.
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  13. KB Contributor
    10-4 thank you. My whole team is like that, we are blessed.

    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  14. aptr91
    I'm BLB
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  15. svk7
    Yooo what’s good? Hope your drive back home went smoothly! What was that sweet track with mirror in the title that you put on? I think you used AJ’s Spotify to find it maybe?
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