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Zmfestivus II Meet Impressions

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  1. zach915m
    ZMFheadphones ZMF headphones hand-crafts wood headphones in Chicago, USA with special attention to exceptional sound and craftsmanship. Stay updated on ZMFheadphones at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/ZMFheadphones https://twitter.com/ZMFheadphones https://www.instagram.com/zmfheadphones/?hl=en http://www.zmfheadphones.com/zmf-originals/ contactzmf@gmail.com
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  2. L0rdGwyn
    Here are some pics I took at the meet. Had planned to do more with my actual camera rather than my phone, but the dim lighting made it very tricky, so potato pictures it is, sorry!

    My setup with the Auteur/Glenn OTL and HD650/Bottlehead Crackatwoa. Hope those of you who listened to it enjoyed yourselves :)

    Glenn 300B with various ZMFs. The VO and VC were connected here almost all day from what I saw, great pairing, that amp is a beast, totally not jealous.

    ECP Audio L-2 paired with the HD800, great sounding combination, definitely put ECP on my radar.

    ZMF setup early at the event.

    Some pics of the whole room, early and much later.
    IMAG0996.jpg IMAG1012.jpg

    ifi stack, great sounding set with TONS of combinations/tweakability. Think I was listening to an Aeolus on this, definitely an enjoyable, compact setup.

    Campfire Audio setup, had the ALO Studio Six, meant to give it a listen but got sidetracked, sorry @UntilThen :frowning2:

    JDS Labs Atom, definitely a nice entry-level amp, great sound for the price, listened with a KISS modded HD650, impressive, might have to consider modding my own or getting a spare set of drivers to mod.

    My girlfriend listening to some vintage Kendwoods on the Woo Audio WA-6.

    First time hearing the Abyss 1266 for me, wow, gotta be one of the most awkward headphones to wear, maybe it is just my head, but that bass was deep and powerful, very impressive sound.

    MrSpeakers Voce on the HeadAmp Blue Hawaii. Probably the most transparent audio I have heard from headphones, incredible sound and price to match :) my girlfriend being nearly brought to tears listening to Nina Simone - "Wild is the Wind." I preferred the Voce to the Stax SR-009, but only had 10 min or so with each.
    IMAG1011.jpg IMAG1014.jpg

    Also had a listen to the Meze Audio Empyrean on the HeadAmp GS-X mini, another very impressive TOTL headphone, spacious and dynamic, very well-built as well, beautiful.

    This unusual amp was back in the corner, a Grommes PHI-26, EL84 power tubes, can't recall the drivers...was very impressed with the modded Fostex THX-00, was curious what it would sound like with a ZMF but didn't get to it, nice little amp, owner told me they made less than 100 in the late 2000s. Bet these would sell like hot cakes these days, might see if I can dig one up.

    And the ZMF raffle, some really nice gear was up! Congrats to those who took something home.

    Altogether had a great time, met some cool folks, listened to some awesome gear but didn't get around to it all, there is always next year!
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  3. Skyediver
    @BooUrns and @zach915m , thank you so much for the hospitality and a great event. Especially wanted to say thanks to the ZMF crew for educating my wife a bit about “the hobby”, and keeping it palatable for someone who is fine with her Apple Airbuds (I love her anyway).
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  4. Darthpool
    Airport life, so much easier with these on (even with all the looks lol)

    Just loving these! Rocking them out of my Cayin N6ii.

    Also really enjoying the 4.4mm cable, thanks @zach915m for making this an option! Plus I like the new ZMF heat shrink...looks dope!

    Listening to VC while looking at my VO :wink: on my DAP lol
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  5. UntilThen
    Aw ... :) You miss listening to the Studio Six. :)

    Anyway thanks for the pictures. Lots of great gear there that's for sure. I would have love to be there. Lovely looking and supportive girlfriend you got there. That's what you need in this hobby. :)
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  6. Darthpool
    So....who do we need to talk to about getting a badge created for ZMFestivus? @jude was there sooo....that makes it official right??? :wink:

    I wants me some badge candy yo!!!!! Lol
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  7. biglazymoose
    I stocked up on stickers and pins
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  8. james93
    Well as stated it was a great time, again, and we would like to thank @BooUrns and @zach915m for all the work they did to put this on. Also thank you to all the other companies that showed up and for the raffle donations.

    Here is to year 3, bigger and better.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
  9. Barashka
    Hello, thank you for great event.
    Here are some more phone pics:

    Dude, the cables ..

    Can't get enough of Empyrean
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A great selection:

    Just an excellent playground
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    80's care calling
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A great selection:

    These are so funky, how unicorn are these?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Aethetic af, too bad my lens is blurry:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Such eye candy
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Raffle about to start:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Congratulations to all the winners:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. KcMsterpce
    Looks like it was an amazing turnout. Large venue, too. I'm also jealous, because I'm a Campfire Audio fiend and I would have loved to have been there to experience more of their products.
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  11. fzman Contributor
    Always so nice to hang out with the Head-Fi brain trust: Brian, Jude, & Ethan; the Gentlemen iFi:, Jared, Jamey; the Campfire gents: JD and Caleb; Nick and Jude the JDS dudes; amazing reviewer Dave H, and every one of the wonderful folks in attendance at Festivus. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, but that's what edits are for. A special thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to whoever shouted out 'you won them, you should take them' when I almost surrendered the Auteurs..... I will spend the rest of the weekend trying pry them off my head, as they are breath-takingly good. My other top cans are starting to look very jealous and nervous.....

    Saving the best for last: Zack and Bevin. I have no words to do even remote justice to their kindness, generosity, wit, intelligence, supportive nature and grace, even under pressure. I feel incredibly lucky to count them among my friends. (Well, I guess I had a few words after all, You can hear the love in the music coming from any and all ZMF products.

    A shoout-out to all the new people I met, who shall remain nameless (not because you were not memorable, but because I toitally suck at remembering names) I constantly marvel at the kinship and cameraderie of the headphone crowd - and the contrast of (solitary) headphone listeing, and the overwhelming sense of community among its adherents.
  12. biglazymoose
    Yea, what he said ^^^.

    I thought you were being extremely humble when you wanted to give them up. Glad you were bullied into keeping them by Zach and the crowd. Thats a moment you’ll never forget. Enjoy them.

    Thanks to everyone, I had a blast. This was my first event of any magnitude in this hobby and I met a lot of amazing people, listened to a ton of amazing cans and gear. See you all at the next one!
  13. Zachik
    Awesome meeting you in person, and great looking purple verite closed! Congrats buddy!!
  14. whirlwind
    Thanks to all of you for the pics.....and that Green Blue Hawaii...I want to hear one !
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  15. ISOLordByron
    Man, what an utterly fantastic meet this was. I'm already looking forward to next year! Thanks to Zach and Bevin for making this happen, it's so wonderful to be part of something run by such awesome people :)

    Here's my personal favorite thing at the meet, the pairing of two prototype's from Spritzer.

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