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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Mrstump5
    I know this is kind of off topic but I'm looking for a cable to pair with the Verite. Has anyone ever used the Silver mechanikos? Would the verite be best paired with a silver or copper cable?
  2. yates7592
    That's a good question, I wondered that as well.
  3. heliosphann
    I'll have the 2K, Atmos and Michanikos with the the Vertie tonight. I'll put it on the list of things to compare.
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  4. Hansotek
    What kind of jazz? It’s too diverse of a genre to address in any kind of blanket way. There are like 100 different subgenres.
  5. Spandy87
    Good point. Think like, Diana Krall, Patricia Barber, Brad Mehldau, the Bad Plus, Robert Glasper Trio, Julian Lage, Francis Lockwood Trio, Christian McBride sort of stuff. Like drums, upright bass, piano/guitar, and potentially vocals. Not a big horns/sax fan but sometimes if it's done well.
  6. koven Contributor
    Mainly using 2-channel at home these days but dusted off the Auteur this morning for a nice long session.. almost forgot how amazing these are, tonal perfection to me.. it's hard to imagine Verite improving upon Auteur but I guess we will find out soon enough.. :)
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  7. yates7592
    I am super excited to be awaiting a pheasantwood Verite. It's gonna be a long few months. I was "this" close to pulling the trigger on one of the Ltd edition Auteurs but backed out. I've been intrigued by all the positive reviews I've read about ZMF in general, and the few Verite reviews I've read so far make me convinced that this is the headphone for me.
  8. Hansotek
    Will do some listening tonight. Glad you mentioned The Bad Plus. I've seen them in concert at least 15.... maybe more like 20 times. Even opened for them once back in 2004. Cool guys. Great band.
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  9. LCMusicLover
    Yep, first saw them at Bumbershoot, probably '04. Blew me away. Then their drummer came and sat in on the end-of-the-night thing with 3 members of Galactic, drummer from John Butler Trio, and some group of musicians/performance artists. Was also the first time I saw Vienna Teng. Best day of music ever for me -- well, maybe tied with first day of the first Us Festival. (B-52s, Talking Heads, Police, Petty...) and a Dead show at Boreal Ridge.
  10. Monsterzero
    Was there for the metal day...Man it was HOT during the day,and cold as hell at night.
  11. LCMusicLover
    I went for all three days, very fun. And yes, it was friggin' hot. Those 1 minute on, 5 minute off showers were great. I'd stand under them for the whole minute and get almost cold. Then I'd be just about over-heated when they came on again. What I loved was that the phone recording pitching it said there would be a 'life-guarded lake'. That turned out to mean that they posted guards every 25 feet to make sure nobody went in. I get it -- that lake was part of the water system for San Bernardino, so having 150,000 folks swimming and peeing in it wouldn't have been a good thing. But I'm pretty sure 'life-guarded lake' was the canonical example of false advertising.
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  12. Pharmaboy
    Apparently it means the Auteur eats porridge belonging to other ZMF headphones.
  13. BunnyNamedCraig
    You know when you got something on your mind and then you end up seeing it everywhere...
    Man I want to hear the Verite again... Im such a sucker for speed ha. Should have tried to do a serious A/B at RMAF with the Auteur to see what’s what. These impressions are more then enticing...
  14. Spandy87
    Hopefully it contains a high quality driver...

    I'll show myself out
  15. jinxy245
    I'd like to boo you, but I have to admit that I laughed.
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