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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. jinxy245
    You can leave it at my place if you like too....
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  2. ProfFalkin
    Sorry, I'm gonna be selfish on this one and not share. :wink:

    Zach did an amazing job. I know it will need a little burning in, but I'm just going to do that via listening. It already sounds amazing through the ZDS. Staging is out of your head in every direction.

    I also received two of his silver cables to go with it - one for the 3F (XLR plug on amp end) and one for the ZDS (1/4" plug).

    And a ZMF headphone stand.

    And some ear pads.

    And a t-shirt.

    It's Christmas already!
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  3. nwavesailor
    and............. a ZMF partridge in a pear tree??? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
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  4. JM1979
    is that ironwood or monkey pod? Both are so gorgeous that it’s hard to tell.

    I’ve still got a good wait for my ironwoods to be ready so I’ll live vicariously through y’all in the meantime.
  5. ProfFalkin
    Ironwood. They are a bit darker than in the photo for some reason. Yay potato pics.
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  6. Torq
    As @Darthpool mentioned, I own both Vérité and RAD-0 (right, and left, respectively):

    Current Rig (1024).jpg

    And I have had them back-to-back with the Empyrean.

    At a high level, if I had to rank them on sound, it'd be Vérité (open or closed) > RAD-0 > Empyrean.

    The Vérité get quite a bit more head-time than the RAD-0 for my listening (extremely broad tastes) based on sonics alone. They are also more comfortable (lighter, lower clamp pressure).

    I understand why many people fall for the Empyrean, and they can be "fun", but overall they do not work for me. They don't have the coherence, balance, or resolution of either the Vérité or the RAD-0. Though the Meze's are perhaps the most comfortable circumnaural headphones I've ever tried.

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  7. qboogie
    Thank you @Torq for your comparison. Very helpful. Maybe I will borrow the RAD-0 sometime from somewhere once I have had time to burn in the verite and get familiar with the sound signature.
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  8. nishan99
    check out resolve reviews review of the RAD on YT, he compared them with other TOTLs including his own Verite.
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  9. Torq
    I should add that I think the RAD-0 is an excellent headphone. I added one to my collection despite already having the LCD-4 and Abyss AB-1266 Phi CC on the planar front, AND while being in serious down-sizing mode (thanks to the SR1a and Vérité). I just tend to find I spend rather more time with dynamic headphones than planar (a bit ironic since it was planar cans, specifically the HE-500, that got me back into serious headphone listening).

    RAD-0 is 95-98% of the technical capability of the LCD-4 (the Audeze reaches a bit lower and has a tad more bass impact, and is marginally more resolving), but with better native tonality and at 2/3rds the price.

    All that said, I rank my headphones by how much listening time they get - and it's pretty much been SR1a and Vérité dominating that since they both arrived (months now).
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  10. bryceu
    How do Verite lamb vs Verite suede differ? I have V-L, U-L, and U-s.. I find myself only using the V-L.
  11. mixman
    As Zach mentioned what happens with the VS pads is the midbass drops. What I hear is a slight increase in treble and better imaging. Even though the VS has a less full sound in the midbass, the subbass still sounds intact. The VL has a more even FR and a warmer sound. I like the VS when i need a larger, less forward soundstage with more pinpoint imaging.

    I am curious about these new hybrid pads Zach mentioned.

    How do the Universe Suede vs the Universe lambskin pads sound? Have to admit I am not a fan of the UL pads but maybe the US pads will be more to my liking?
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  12. Darthpool
    I recommend gaming with them! I’ve been playing Destiny 2 again...(don’t you judge me!! *sobs in the shower, while wearing blue jeans cutoffs*)

    Seriously though! Pretty damn awesome to game with them...I was using the JDS El DAC for the 0011010 crunching and a Eddie Current ZDT Jr for some tubey-ness and volume control :wink: I have the Schiit Hel waiting for me when I get home from visiting family in Oregon. Looking forward to how the Hel will perform, as it has one of my favorite DAC chips in it.
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  13. attmci
    Copied from the other site:

    Closing thoughts: I don’t think VC urges current VO owners to sell or trade their babies. Having both VO and VC together doesn’t make a lot of sense either (in terms of diversification). However, IMHO those who are currently on Verite markets SHOULD consider VC as an equivalent option.

    Fits my expectations.
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  14. ProfFalkin
    I've been farming in Borderlands 3 all day with them while listening to my favorite tracks at the same time. The game has a much different tempo to it when you put on an Techno/House station and mute the in game volume. Haha

    Let us know how you like the Hell!
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019
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  15. Darthpool
    I have both open and closed and couldn’t imagine getting rid of one of them at this point...especially if I just pad roll them, they both can produce some cool differences...even though I tend to just leave one pad set on all the time lol
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2019
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