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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. Roasty
    I know man. Can tell you were trying to mediate and help me out. No hard feelings dude.

    And yep I do agree with your views on the empy. Am trying to offload mine. The verite do have a better overall presentation and a much more engaging sound. The empy sound a bit veiled in comparison.
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  2. JLoud
    That was how I felt about them, somewhat veiled. At least compared to LCD-4 or Abyss. I can see how they would be a forgiving headphone. Or great for a relaxed presentation.
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  3. nwavesailor
    Heck, I could become a ZMF convert if they are really that good!

    I was hoping to still want to keep the Empy's and have another great HP in the stable but who knows once I hear the Verite's.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
  4. Roasty
    I tried the Empy with the Hugo tt2/mscaler combo and it blew me away. As cliche as it sounds, the veil was lifted. Very transparent and clear up top. Bass was tightened. Very enjoyable sound from that setup.

    However, the tt2 and mscaler are a heavy investment. Plus there are some who are disbelievers in the mscaler. I for one, very much like the tt2/mscaler combo.

    Empy alone, vs verite open/closed is no fight IMO. Zmf tuned the verite very well indeed.

    Having said that, I think there was some mention of new empy pads on the Meze thread, which would improve on the current sound.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
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  5. nwavesailor
    I wasn't expecting much going from the Sabre DAC to the Chord Qutest but was pleasantly surprised with the level of detail and clarity I found adding the Chord DAC and the Qutest is pretty humble compared to the Hugo TT2 / mscaler combo!

    Now I'm looking forward (if I go this route) to the detail of the Verite!
  6. mixman
    Just took the Empy's off me head after listening with the Verite. Have to admit, if the universe pads were the only pads on the Verite I would prefer the Empy. For me the universe pads just give a fuzzy image. Verite and Verite Suede pads only for me. I have to hear the new hybrid pads. So if it's universe pads, I would easily give the imaging to the Empy. The Verite still do have a more 3D soundstage though. I do think the Verite is more natural sounding and the Empy has more of that planar slam.
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  7. nwavesailor
    Very cool, mixman! Perhaps these would be 2 hp that are different enough, but also good enough to want to keep both.
  8. mixman
    Right now I only have the Empy's as loaners. For me they are different enough because they all have a different presentation of their sound. With the HEK SE, the Verite and the Empy I would be done for a bit. I have heard pretty much all the top contenders except the VC and the LCD 24. My tres amigos HP's are what I would settle on to round out my collection.......for now!
  9. Darthpool
    Both have their merits...but I am particular to the VC...
  10. nishan99
    Big shout out to Zack for this amazing head band design, adjustable and reversible clamping force within seconds!.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2019
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  11. qboogie
    Just pulled the trigger on some silkwood verites and excited to join the club. I was THIS close to buying the RAD-0 or empyreans, but kept thinking " maybe I will wait until they put out their empyrean sequel." Has anyone had a chance to compare Alex Rosson's RAD-0 to the verite?
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  12. Darthpool
    @Torq has both and I currently have a loaner Rad-O from headphones.com, but I’m out of town until Sunday night. I can try and give a quick impression from memory...but would rather have both on hand for back to back....

    But, I will say for me, I find myself reaching for the Verite O/C more naturally than the Rad-O, as I recall the detail and bass were really good on the Rad-O (honestly too close in detail and bass to the Verite to really be able to nitpick with out A/B, so I won’t truly compare without being back home with both pairs), but I find that overall I prefer the Verites. I think it would come down to visual appeal or preference for dynamic vs planar sound signature.
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  13. LCMusicLover
    If you’ll send me your Verite, I’ll be happy to provide detailed comparisons :ksc75smile:

    Seriously, RAD-0 are great. Pretty linear — tonality is close my Blackwood Auteur w/ Auteur pads. Not quite as energetic in the upper mids but with a little more bass (closer to Auteur bass w/ Eikon pads). More open/airy staging vs the lush/enveloping stage of Empyrean.

    Comfort can be an issue with RAD-0 as they’re quite heavy — I get a hot spot on top of my head.
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  14. ProfFalkin
    I'll just leave this here...

  15. Bonddam
    I just paired the Verite with Pendant and I like it more then SS sound. Wish I could describe it. It’s like sounding real and sounding fake.
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