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your favorite musical genre?

Discussion in 'Music' started by bcasey25raptor, Apr 17, 2011.
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  1. bcasey25raptor
    just to see who likes what on head-fi.
    i will start.
    my genre is heavy metal. 95% of music is metal, 3% rock, and 2% electronic/classical/blues/jazz/country/hip hop/rap.
    what are yours.
    edit: sorry if i missed a few genres their is way to many genres.
  2. Ynoskire
    This is difficult, I tend to like everything but chartpop. I'm voting for electronic, because that's propably the genre that started my expension of musical taste and the genre I propably know best.
    Edit: some percentages:
    Electronic: 45% (considering my ambient folder as electronic and not as "noise")
    Classical:  19%
    Rock:        11%
    Metal:        7%
    Jazz:         6%
    Blues:       2%
    I don't know why it isn't 100% in total, but I'm too lazy to find out.
  3. blitzace50
    Percentages are based upon the number of albums from any genre that I have on my computer and that I currently have decided I enjoy enough that I am very likely listen to it in it's entirety at least once every 2-3 months.
    Thrash - 12 albums (14.5%)
    Black - 1 album (1.2 %)
    Death (all but melodic) - 15 albums (18.1%)
    Melodic Death - 9 albums (10.1%)
    Folk - 9 albums (10.1%)
    Post - 2 albums (2.4%)
    Metalcore - 9 albums (10.1%)
    Prog - 6 albums (7.2%)
    Avant-garde - 4 albums (4.8%)
    Heavy - 5 albums (6%)
    Stoner - 2 albums (2.4%)
    Indie Rock - 2 albums (2.4%)
    Punk Rock - 2 albums (2.4%)
    Guitar Virtuosos - 3 albums (3.6%)
    Cello Rock - 2 albums (2.4%)
    Total Albums: 83
  4. Vikingatheart
    Didn't expect so many metal heads!
  5. bcasey25raptor


    i wasn't either. to be brutally honest i was thinking most people would like electronic or classical. just judging from who is on this forum that is.
  6. Gatepc
    40% Alternative/Rock (NIN to Pink Floyd)
    30% Folk (and pop thats like folk)
    20% Jazz
    10% Classical 
  7. Borgbox
    Absolutely Electronic. 
  8. asmox
    Metal, electronic, and jazz - typically in that order.
  9. Hickeydog
    I LOVE classical/movie scores.  Anything with an orchestra.  Flipping LOVE that music.  I've got well over 10gb of movie scores and the like.  Heavy metal/symphotic metal comes in a close second, though.  Nice, deep, growly guitars make me feel nice.  
  10. Connnorrr
    I'm into most genre's, but I can be very picky about an artist/band's sound. Pop doesn't do anything for me generally, most of it is too meh for me, neither good nor bad. Jazz is the other genre I've never been able to get into. I've tried to give it a listen, and I can see the greatness of it, but it just makes me sleepy. I want to point out that I don't hate either genre, they're just not for me. Otherwise I'm open to listening to new stuff, always trying to expand my taste.
    As for percentages, I've no idea. Metal is dwindling to stuff I truly love, most other things are just expanding. There was a point where metal was upwards of 90% of my music library.
  11. Vikingatheart

    Also Jazz seemed fairly popular
  12. bcasey25raptor


    ya jazz seemed pretty high up there to me as well.
  13. Angelbelow
    Definitely metal. I think the complexity of metal's musical composition and the variety of instruments are really magnified by higher end equipment.
  14. Vikingatheart
    ^ I definitely can hear more of the keyboards and synths used in the melodic death and symphonic/goth metal that I listen to since I purchased my TBH and 225i.
  15. Sarah
    I never know what to answer when people ask me what genre of music I like. If I go through my digital files and try to identify genres: alt.country, classic country, blues, many flavors of jazz, world, rock, gospel, soul, avant garde, classical, contemporary classical, film scores, exotica, circus music, noise, klezmer, folk, punk, prog... and that only takes me up to "H" in the alphabetical list of folders... [​IMG]  
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