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Yoga headphones - Where to get?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mzso, Mar 4, 2012.
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  1. Yen Tzu-Yuan

    thats what i want to know, much thanks.
    so you are basically saying without mod, Fa003>cd880>hm5 ?
    how can i improve my cd880 if i get one, any suggestion ?
  2. kyamites
    I believe that what you looking for, yoga headphones is to find her silent headphones
  3. dhruvmeena96
  4. dhruvmeena96
    See hm5 mods
  5. Drazalas
    Holy mother of a necro.
    dhruvmeena96 likes this.
  6. mzso
    Why does it bother you so much? People revived this thread before. And you made an ~identical comment. Spamming much? Ignore it or unsubscribe.
  7. Drazalas
    Not once did I say it bothered me. People doing things before doesn't mean it's right to do it, that's a fallacy. Why are you so mad at my comment? Had a bad day and needed to let some steam out?
  8. mzso
    True. It was wrong then too that you spammed pointlessly.
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