Yoga headphones - Where to get?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mzso, Mar 4, 2012.
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  1. mzso
    I was wondering if anyone knows a place to buy Yoga headphones. It would be interesting because Yoga is an oem of a few good and popular headphones selled by other brands. I saw a couple (Mostly uninteresting models) on ebay, So I guess it is sold somewhere under its own name. I just didn't find a webshop where you can buy a lot of models.
  2. vese
    Did you try there? It seems they have quite an array of headphones..none of which I've heard of as amazing but go for it if you want.
  3. mzso

    I saw that, but nonw of the products have prices. There's some sort of "Inquiry Cart", and no shipping information. Doesn't seem like its for end users.

    I believe the CD-880 (Brainwavz HM-5, Fischer Audio FA-003, Lindy Premium Hi-Fi), the CD-340 (Fischer Audio FA-004, Renkforce CD-340), CD-68 (Fichcher Audio FA-004, Brainwavz HM-3, Maxell Retro DJ, Incipio NX-100 F38) are rather popular and good for their prices.
  4. ssrock64
    I've emailed them a few times about purchasing individual units, but never got a response. Perhaps you can only buy in batches.
  5. mzso
    That's about what I expected since they require company information at check-out.
  6. SteveSatch
    Group buy!
  7. fabio-fi
    If this is true, it would be good to try one pair. 
  8. ssrock64
    Perhaps a group buy is in the future. Somebody should inquire how much 30 examples of the CD-880 cost. We can compare them to the FA-003/HM5 to see if the driver tuning is any different.
  9. SteveSatch
    I'd put together a group buy, but they didn't e-mail me back.  The e-mail bounced.
  10. mzso
    Its a shame. Probably a bunch good headphones would be available at a good price if they distributed them under their own brand.
  11. ProjectDenz
    Tried some Yoga iems a few years back. They were absolute trash so I returned them. This was even before I was an 'audiophile'.
  12. mzso


    Maybe they started to be good recently. The products I mentioned are typically highly praised at their cost level.
  13. SolomonPierce
    Beyerdynamic, fine headphones, they are.
    oh yoGA... nvm
  14. CashNotCredit
    I hate to bump an old thread, I really do, but I recently sent an e-mail to YoGA asking if a Head-Fi group buy of the CD-880s (OEM version of the Brainwavs M5, Fischer Audio FA-003, etc.) would be possible. Obviously, we'd have to run this by Jude. If my e-mail doesn't get returned, I'd be glad to make a call to YoGa, but someone who speaks Mandarin may have better luck. Is there interest in a group buy of this headphone?
  15. NickAM
    If they turned out cheaper than the Digitech version sold by Jaycar ($70 shipped to USA), I would probably be interested. Especially if they matched the price that a handful of people got them for awhile back ($58). I doubt that though.
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