yggdrasil - gungnir MB - bifrost MB - a terse, ribald comparison
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i don't believe that anyone is saying they are not good or excellent, both the big dog Schiit DAC's are fantastic. the baby Schiit dac is so good that the differential between baby vs big dogs is small so for the value for performance ratio is with baby MB Schiit thats all 
 i love the Schiits MB DACs would not have any other DACs now 
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Actually on the subject of single-ended outputs from Gungnir MB those interested should read this excellent discussion of Bimby vs Gumby in SE mode:
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This review by @hodgjy of Gungnir MB arrives to much the same conclusion:
"3. The unbalanced outputs are not crippled at all. Several are reporting the Gumby's unbalanced outputs "clearly" lack behind the balanced ones. This is false. My Teac HA-501 is a single-ended amp, but can accept both unbalanced and balanced connections. I tried them both when using the Gumby. So, I had either the Gumby or the Teac do the summing. I could tell no difference between the connection type, and assuming my Teac isn't a piece of junk (it's not, it's a fabulous amp), it's because there isn't a difference at the human hearing level. Obviously, use balanced if you have an amp that receives them. Otherwise, use unbalanced without any fears at all.

I didn't pause the music and crank the volume to maximum to listen for any noise or hiss. That's a fruitless endeavor because it's way past listening volumes. I won't do this test, either. At listening volumes, and even above where it starts to hurt, I could hear no difference between connection types."

That's great to hear!
I think Schiit would be shooting themselves in the foot if there was literally no difference on the SE output between their DACs since it would go against their marketing model.
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So is all this detail retrieval "natural"? My personal intuition is that R2R manages to reproduce sound the way it was recorded

Most A/D converters these days are Sigma-Delta.  So, no, R2R does not match the way it was recorded.
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^ I'm glad you clarified you were teasing, as I at first took your observation as serious :p

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