schiit audio yggdrasil
  1. Currawong

    The New Schiit Audio Yggdrasil Impressions thread (read the first post)

    Since the old thread is unrecoverable, having descended too far into off-topic arguments, I'm starting a new thread. Note for conspiracy theorists: "I" does not mean "they". I did this of my own volition. I am not staff. People who are considering buying a product like to read customer...
  2. atomicbob

    yggdrasil - gungnir MB - bifrost MB - a terse, ribald comparison

    Having all four of these Schiit multibit DACs is a considerable privilege. Comparing them to other DACs with printed words is challenging at best. These need to be heard, preferably in level matched A/B comparison to other DACs, to fully appreciate the advancements achieved by Mike Moffat and...