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Xonar STX Head out vs Out with Pa2v2

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by hordsak, May 7, 2011.
  1. Hordsak
    First off, I'm really enjoying my Xonar STX sound card.  I've been using it with the Headphone Out with various headphones, enjoying myself.  However, I have a technical question. I know the line out or speaker outs have a better SNR rating.  I've recently purchased a Pa2v2 amp, and I'm wondering if it would get better audio running off the line out with my Pa2v2 amp as opposed to the Headphone Amp built in?  I'm listening to some tracks and experementing now, but I just want a technical answser.  Any insight would be great!
    PS.  I guess what it boils down to is this:
    Do I benefit by bypassing in the headphone amp, for the increased SNR of the line out using a Pa2v2 as the Amplifier for my headphones?
  2. genclaymore
    The RCA out of the STX is better then the headphone amp out on the STX. HP amp out on the card is just for having a decent amp circuit  that can either be enough for some headphones or a temp option til you get a beter amp into the chain to drive headphones that isnt getting enough from the STX's HP amp out. I dont know how good the PA2v2 since I never used. I would say   RCA out of the STX into the PA2v2's Line in.
  3. Hordsak
    Thanks alot.  Exact answer I was looking for!
    I'm going to chill for the next few hours with my new Pa2v2 enjoying myself.  Many thanks.

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