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XDuoo XD-05 Portable Dac/Amp Introduction - Impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by h20fidelity, Dec 3, 2015.
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  1. sepinho
    I'll try my T50RPs later tonight, if I get a chance.
    It does sound nice, is fairly resolving and bass through my Denon 1100 was really deep and punchy. Feature set is amazing too. BUT I wouldn't call it endgame. There's too much hiss for low-impedance-/high-sensitivity headphones and the combination of high output power and channel imbalance on low volume means that there's little room for (volume) adjustment on many headphones. I was hoping the XD-05 would be my all-in-one solution for portable and desktop use with its USB and SPDIF inputs, but I can't really use it drving my CIEMs from my Shanling M3. Then again, the Shanling doesn't really need an external DAC/amp. :)
  2. ndburley
    I cant compare it to all you asked I would not be without it, I can use it on my pc or phone or dap. The sound and fullness of the XD-05 is wonderful. I have tried it with different headpones such as the DT990 Pro 250ohm and the Audio Technica M50x. I use the Cayin N5, Xduoo X1 and XDuoo X3 and these are improved by the XD-05.  I would not recommend with sensitive IEMs but I have used with Ostry  KC06A and Soundmagic E10 with good results. 
    Size wise it has a bit of bulk to it but solid as a rock. I will attach an image so you can check on size
    I love to take it from my pc and play my N5 through it in the front room while chilling to tunes. Very clear and full in sound with great detail I find. 
    Hope this helps
  3. Riisalat
    thank you for your detailed output ! Wasnt expecting such a full on reply ! Thats a nice setup you got there haha ! Im looking to get the xduoo x3 to replace my fiio x1, the x3 is pretty badass right ?
  4. sepinho
    The XD-05 has no problem whatsoever driving the Fostex T50RP with authority. Listening to the setup as I type. I'm on low gain and have the pot at about 12 o' clock, which is totally sufficent.
    Really nice, layered bass, details in abundance, clear vocals. I'm really digging the combination. It's actually pretty forgiving with sibilance. Mastering on Digable Planet's "Reachin" isn't the best, but it's really enjoyable with the Xduoo and the Fostex. 
    Like @ndburley said, the XD-05 is fairly bulky, but still portable-friendly enough. I might finally be able to use the T50RP in a portable setup.
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  5. ndburley
    I have the X3 and for me using Flac files on it the X3 suits me really well, it has a good clean sound and if you check the X3 thread it is compared more to the Fiio X3 by owners of both the X1 and XDuoo X3
  6. petrovsky13
    Has anyone tried different opamps? As per the datasheet, muses 01/02 should work pretty well.
  7. Jabba
    Anyone tried the line out?
    Is it bypassing the volume control?
  8. Ecoli
    I would also be quite interested in a comparison between other models like the ibasso d14 or the oppo ha-2, or maybe full review with chip, audio, inputs, outputs, among others
  9. jatergb
    I recently got it from Easy store on AE inspite of it being sold in India. Easy offered nice discount. That is why. However, my unit is making rattling noise like most others'. Looks like it is the loose battery pack in the inside, so I'm convinced that it is not going to be an issue. I certainly hope it doesn't.
    If only the return shipping was cheap, I would have definitely tried to get a replacement. So, keep this in mind when you order anything from outside of your country.
    Sonically, it is an absolute pleasure for my ears which were very happy with Clip zip for years until last week. Compared to X1, this less warm and cleaner (from what I've read. So, if you like Fiio house sound, then you might be better off with X3. However, this being clean, you could pair it with some bassy earphones and probably get similar experience.
    It has nice and fast UI. Button placement is very logical and easy to use.
  10. ndburley
    Yes mine rattles a little also but it is the buttons that sit slightly loose. 
    Have you tried holding it in your hand and shaking it?
    X3 I am talking about. 
  11. jatergb
    You are right. It is the buttons that sit loose. Some say it's the hold button and some say it's the loose battery pack. Anyway, I recorded a video of the loose buttons in action and the noise that it makes. Let me see if I can upload the video on YT.
    I just uploaded this video.
  12. petrovsky13
    Yep, fixed one
  13. petrovsky13
    Guys, can we get back to XDuoo XD-05 :)
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  14. guido

    yes please...so far very little info on sound quality has been reported..
  15. petrovsky13
    I can share my experience.
    Despite 200USD price the unit is extremely capable. Driving ZMF Vibro and HE400i to ear bleading levels easily. The sound is quite similar to Centrance Hifi M8 (which costs 700), slightly more colored and punchy.
    Details retrieval level is pretty good for its price.
    I've swapped opamp to Muses8920 to get rid of harshness and slight sibilance, now the sound is overall balanced and comfy.
    The unit is still portable (up to 10 hours in DAC mode) and versatile, due to multiple inputs. Line out is very clean and neutral, fixed, so volume control is not operational. XMOS usb connection gives quite a decent sound quality compared to coax and optical inputs (usually the difference is more visible from my past experience), but you can't play with filters when in usb mode.
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