Wow this so sad (M-50)
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Sep 1, 2010
i bought the Dre Beats studio ($170) and the M-50 ($100) and i liked the M-50 a lot, waaay better than the beats...but man i cant stand how the M-50 look, they are huge compared to the Beats and M-50 are basically for professional use, all i need is a pair headphones that sound good and are good looking to go to school and stuff, beats arent bad they just dont worth the money and the hype, i understand why people hate on them so much. I would love to stick with the M-50 but cant afford the minimal use.
Anyway if anyone with an Ebay account its interested on buying a M-50 almost brand new since i just played 10 songs on them let me know. Thanks.
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Maybe earbuds or IEMs if you're looking to keep a low profile... If you're determined to stick with full-sized headphones, the ATH-ES7s should fit your needs quite nicely, if you bend the headband (they stick out at an awkward angle otherwise).
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Spray paint them pink. Everyone knows that ladies like pink, and with pink professional headphones you'll be virtually irresistible. Not to mention that size matters. Women like the man with the bigger gun, the bigger house, the bigger boat, the bigger ego. When she sees the beats or even iems she won't even acknowledge you. But, BIG PINK that's sexy!!


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