Would a FiiO E7 complement my HFI-780s?
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Feb 2, 2009
Hi everyone, I'm the proud owner of the Ultrasone HFI-780s (again.) I used to have them about a year ago and remember my old pair having much deeper and punchier bass. I used a FiiO E5 at the time but didn't really notice an improvement with them, and had a pretty good sound card in my old computer. I also used a Cowon D2 which sounded great. Needless to say I was very satisfied.


Fast forward to now, and I'm a bit disappointed with the sound of my current HFI-780s. It has a short cable and came with an extension cord which my old pair didn't have. I doubt this makes a difference in sound quality but perhaps it's a different model of the 780s? Moving on, I've been having problems with my Cowon D2 which I still have. Perhaps the current pair of headphones have a defect? Perhaps the D2 player deteriorated in sound quality? It's taken quite a beating but it still sounds pretty good. I have a laptop as well which definitely doesn't sound as good as my old desktop with the sound card that I had, so I'm basically not enjoying these HFI-780s as much as I used to. The current pair just isn't as clear or good sounding as the old one, in fact it's a bit muddy.


My question lies here- should I buy a FiiO E7 amp/DAC? I miss the sound of my old 780 cans, but maybe I just need to get used to these? Will the amp/DAC noticeably improve the sound quality I'm hearing or is it very subtle? I just miss the amazing bass that I heard before and want to experience it again. Thanks for any help I might get.


(note: I made this thread in headphones too because I didn't really know which one to make it in, plus it might be more helpful so my apologies if I'm violating the rules)


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