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World Cup 2014

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  1. Sko0byDoo
    Really want to see the Netherlands grab it all in the end.  The last time around, WC 2010, they came out from nowhere and went to the final with Spain.  Feel like they deserve one...
    But, they looked pretty shaky with Mexico and Costa Rica (well, they got lot of bad lucks with bunch of post-balls).  Argentina look tough to get through...Age could be an advantage -- maturity and experience.
    Without Neymar, Silva, and Marcelo's grandfather just past away....hmm, Brazil got a huge mountain to climb.  But, not quite a walk-over for Germany.
  2. PalJoey

    The Netherlands did get to the last final, but they way they played against Spain was a disgrace.
  3. oqvist
    I am pretty unbiased but if any team would win it should be Germany. They are the only team left that has strikers that try to stand in the penalty area even if they feel a hand or something to fall upon. Play the referee the least and play football the most.
  4. PalJoey
    Fans of Germany! Fans of the Manic Street Preachers! Come together arm in arm and bond over the genius of 'Mertesacker Emptiness' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV4CTHUFhig&feature=youtu.be
  5. oqvist
    Wow but Sweden has turned 0-4 to 4-4 against Germany so it isn't over.
  6. SunTanScanMan
    The hell is going on.. ?!?
  7. Ultrainferno
    Wanna bet? :)
  8. pekingduck
    4-0 [​IMG]
  9. rodweb
    You mean 5?
  10. oqvist
    Wow scrap that this is just insane what a collapse
  11. Ultrainferno
    I'm rooting for 8 goals this game. I have money on that.
  12. pekingduck
    Their defence is like schiit without Thiago Silva...
  13. PalJoey
    Amazing. A total slaughter.
  14. fnkcow
    Total football. Total annihilation.
  15. PalJoey
    Brazil: total cluelessness.
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