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Workout Music

Discussion in 'Music' started by blu., May 19, 2010.
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  1. Blu.
    I'm bulking up for the ladies this summer :wink: and I really need some good workout music. I would love a list of suggestions. Just keep adding to the thread. Don't mind if you give me 500 songs. :)
  2. NorthStar Contributor
    Just one suggestion....YMCA [​IMG]
  3. plonter
    "i'm so excited"-the pointer sisters  [​IMG]  just kidding...
    I personally prefer melodic trance music for any kind of blood rushing activity.
  4. virometal Contributor
    There has been several workout thread throughout the years. Just do a search for "workout" to get started.
  5. afg34
    if you like rap, check out Tech N9ne - a lot of his songs are good for workout
  6. Blu.


    This doesn't really help or further the discussion. Yes it may get quite repetitive but like every other post in the forum there are newer impressions of certain products every year. The same could be said for music. I'm pretty sure the music industry did not stay constant for the past 4-7 years. I did do a little search but the threads are either very old or they're not productive. Most of them contain asinine generic posts like yours, not to deter from the fabulous post you just contributed. 
  7. desktophifi
  8. MoodySteve

    A word of advice, as I can see that you're new here.
    It is considered discourteous to start threads when there are already threads about the same topic that could simply be continued (such as this one from 3/30/10 - http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/480382/workout-music).  I don't see how the threads being 'old' really matters - sure, you may not be listening to state of the art workout music, but workout music technology has been fairly stagnant for the last few years. [​IMG]
    Second, virometal is a well-known and respected poster in the music section of head-fi who gives thoughtful answers and good music suggestions.  You're not going to make friends here by being snarky and antagonistic when he gives you the same advice that most forum members would have given you.
    Be cool, and people will be happy to help you.
  9. dBs
    I started working out senior year of college last year. Working on a military base now (though not in the military) so I get free access to the gym so I have been keeping it up. I sometimes listen to metal but more than that I listen to long trance mixes like Trance Around the World: With Above and Beyond podcast because you are listening to something but still can focus on working out without getting distracted so you can fully dedicate yourself.
  10. greenrenewables


    And don't forget the hot pink spandex with knee socks, belly shirt, and matching headband
    Seriously though, I usually listen to old-school Metallica (Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, Black album) or AC/DC when lifting, and trance/ambient for running, biking, etc
  11. citywithoutmetal
    I don't really care to listen to music while I'm lifting cause I'm too focused on my breathing and form to even pay attention to it, however, music is very important to me while im doing cardio. I notice that I actually jog faster and farther when I have appropriate music going. The type of music that seems to push me the hardest during cardio happens to be heavy metal.. I probably won't be listening to metal when I'm an old man(i'm already listening a lot less to it) during my leisure time, but itll definitely always have it around for workouts
    here are two of my fave jogging songs..give them a shot
  12. budgetboy
    Riotmaker is the best workout song ever made.
  13. sanakaku
    I hum Billy Jean when i work out
  14. drew879
    I also only listen to music during cardio workouts.  I like "The New" by Interpol or "Love Like a Sunset" by Phoenix to get started.  Once the intensity picks up, I personally don't think it gets any better than Muse's album "Absolution" except for a few of the slower tracks.  If you like Muse, then "Knights of Cydonia" from "Black Holes and Revelations" is really good and "The Resistance" has quite a few good ones.  Not the deep type of music I'd listen to for quiet contemplation, but great for workouts in my opinion.
    Just to mix it up, sometimes I'll listen to Girl Talk's "Feed the Animals" or "45:33" by LCD Soundsystem, which was written specifically for working out.
  15. jack95
    Power Metal.
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