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Workout Music

Discussion in 'Music' started by blu., May 19, 2010.
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  1. desktophifi
    This one's perfect:

  2. jack95
     You know your workout is intense when you listen to this.
  3. Crowe09


    lol....working out with that....pretty crazy. 
    I would go for some techno, or trance. 
  4. beeman458
    Old guy here.  Back in the late 70's, this was my curl music.
    I left the end clips off the straight bar so I could change the weight to match the beat.
    Boston: "Foreplay/Longtime"
    You'd start out the piece with stretching to get the blood flowing.
    Switch over to heavy weights for the slow beat; strength
    And then go to light weights for the fast beat; pump
    And back again.
    Too many songs to list for jogging but if it's got a solid beat and you're in your weight range, you can rock out a solid workout.
  5. Redcarmoose
  6. TheWuss

  7. joecasey
  8. alice87
    I like to listen to music when working out or running. I always use GymStream - Free Workout Music. Great iOS app with various types of music, very dynamic and motivating. Love it!
    Good luck with the ladies:wink:
  9. WraithApe

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