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Woo Audio WA7 fireflies Video review

Discussion in 'Currawong' started by currawong, Sep 11, 2013.
  1. cubiboy90
    This WA7 is beautiful, but the price is absolutely not comfortable at all... I paid >$500 for my yulong d18+ $400 for Audio-gD NFB6 and i still feel this combo better than wa7 (compair with wa7 at showroom)
  2. Currawong Contributor
    Thanks for the comments everyone. I figured everyone was like me and has a short attention span when it comes to Youtube videos, so I tried my best to make it visually interesting and to-the-point. Not to mention, I wanted to go over the controls so people could get a feel for how the WA7 is actually used.
    I thought about that, as I'm curious to see inside, but I don't have a large enough wrench to open it.
    Norse Audio, but he is in the process of changing his business name at the moment and not taking orders. Many of the good cable makers seem to be overwhelmed at the moment.
    I wonder if that is because the DAC is better? The WA7's amp is a lot better than the DAC I reckon, but it also is a lot neater -- you ARE paying for the neat case AND for that glass block! [​IMG]
  3. cubiboy90
    Now that make sense, haha [​IMG]
  4. stainless824
    I used to own a burson HA-160 and an audiogd DAC19DSP and i feel that the WA7 is at least as good if not better than that combo.
    The DAC may not be as good but the amp section more than made up for that shortcoming.
  5. daltonljj
    would really like to own one but sadly I'm financially incapable to do so ....miss the warm sound that tubes produce, giving life to vocals.
    Poor kid expose to the wonders of high quality audio but has little means to afford them. haha
  6. stainless824
    with a bit of hard work and smart spending / investing, shouldn't be beyond anyone really. I started owning some pretty impressive stuff at the age of 16
  7. daltonljj
    easier said than done considering that i'm still studying ... ain't easy :frowning2:
  8. stainless824
    not to brag.. but i'm not just saying. I did.
    [while studying and helping pay private school fees]
  9. daltonljj
    lets just say our situation is rather different but regardless we still enjoy the same high quality music ... haha
  10. dlnwntchld
    Excellent job on the video. I bought my WA7 a month or so ago and i have been listening to HD600's, Amperiors, and Triple Fi10's on it. I was not a fan of the way the HD600 sounds with it but the Amperiors sound awesome. The TF10, well jury is still out on that but for the price, the fact it handles IEM's with tubes, has a DAC scalable to 32/192, can be used with powered monitors or headphones by flipping a switch from "USB" to "D/A" and workmanship i think the price is justified.
    Its like a swiss-army tube amp and i think it does everything really well with nothing much lacking.
    Thats said i have no experience with other DAC's so i can't compare but i was thinking about running a Centrance Dacport into this from my PC. 

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