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Woo Audio WA7 fireflies Video review

Discussion in 'Currawong' started by currawong, Sep 11, 2013.
  1. Currawong Contributor
    Plug in your computer, plug in your headphones or IEMs, whatever they are, and go! That's the Woo Audio WA7 fireflies for you.​
    For my written review, see my review: A Tale of Two Tube Amps
  2. shigzeo Contributor
  3. Audio Jester
    Nice review Amos!  That is certainly a nice looking unit, the glass top really lifts the overall design.  Do the tubes make the glass very hot?
  4. shigzeo Contributor
    The glass does get quite warm. But since it's a thick bit of sturdy stuff, it's no real worry. 
  5. Audio Jester
    Ahh good. I was thinking it would be great for my office, but there is paper everywhere and I would not want this amp to give new meaning to its name. [​IMG]
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  6. ChainRazer
    Great quick review! It is indeed a simple and good looking amp especially with the glass on.
  7. utdeep
    This is a stellar video review!  I've had the WA7 for some time now and I still had to watch this... your review style is outstanding.  I didn't think you could top your epic "Tale of Two Amps" written review but this is succinct and fascinating.  
    I tried the EH tubes and hated them but I never considered using a better DAC.  I am happy with the DAC as it is.  If I was looking into a better portable DAC for the WA7, what would you recommend?
  8. atomicbob
    Let's quantify the term hot for the WA7 in degrees C (after 30 minutes warm-up):
    21  room ambient
    28  power supply top
    25  glass front
    32  glass top between tube vent holes
    65  tube tops in holes
    After 5 hours, degrees C:
    21  room ambient
    37  power supply top
    38  glass front
    44  glass top between tube vent holes
    77  tube tops in holes
    measured with a Fluke 62 max+ Infrared thermometer
    This is relatively cool for tube amps. The glass keeps fingers and other items away from the hot tubes. The only thing really hot about the WA7 is the sound. Many hours of enjoyment on this tube amp with both HD800 and T90 headphones. Nice video Currawong.
  9. SigmaGT
    I just loved it!
    Definitely a must buy for those like me, who prefers a DAC/Amp combo!
    It's design is very clean and beautiful just like its sound! clean and smooth!
    I really enjoyed it a lot!
  10. AJHeadfi
    Thank you 
    Am I normal people?
    I wish to see inside the WA7.
  11. danne
    Very nice with some video reviewing.
    Could try get rid of some backround noice from the mic, other than that well done and I've subscribed for more. [​IMG]
  12. sidrpm
    Great review mate
  13. MickeyVee
    Thanks for the great review! Even though I was watching and listening through my WA7, I learned something.. 
       Wow! I didn't know I could use it in DAC mode without power on.
    For those worried about heat, don't.  The WA7 runs so much cooler than my Lyr (which you could fry an egg on) and was one of my reasons for going the WA7. Going by spec, the WA7 used much less power than the Bifrost/Lyr, runs cooler, can use as a USB bus-powered DAC and for me, sounds better.
    If I were to change one thing is that I wish it would show up on the Mac as WA7 instead of speaker but that's really nit-picking.
  14. RochRx7
    Awesome video review. I have zero access to demo these most audio gear personally.. and most meets are a stretch from me.. these kind of reviews keep me warm inside. Thanks!
  15. x838nwy
    Currawong - what's the headphone cable on the video? Just curious, thanks.


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