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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. abvolt
    Has anyone tried the 1635 power tubes in their wa22 ? on Woo's tube compatibility chart it calls for a loctal adapter, from pics doesn't look like they need that adapter thanks..
  2. davehg
    I have the HD650, LCD3f, and Focal Clear. They all partner nicely with the WA22 but the Clear and HD650 really shine. The LCD3 seems very tube sensitive, which is not so much the case on the more powerful WA5, where they sound glorious.
  3. Matro5
    Thanks for this. I’ve got the Clear and Hd6xx so this is great info.

    One question for the group: My use case would call for the Wa22 to see a lot of use as a preamp feeding Dynaudio Focus 160s with Hypex Nc500 monoblocks. Is there a good consensus about how the wa22 works as a preamp? Is it on par with its headphone performance?
  4. abvolt
    Works great use my wa22 for a preamp all the time sounds real nice..
  5. flea22
    Been thinking about buying a new wa22, would the preamp work going to a unbalanced amplifier? (peachtreenova150). I know i would need a xlr to rca cable, and if it did work the signal would be unbalanced.
  6. abvolt
    It will work fine there's a switch on the back of the amp for balanced & unbalanced. Mine is in balanced because I use a balanced dac, you'll love the wa22 this amp has huge tube rolling possibilities and sounds really good..
  7. Roasty
    hi all!

    am very excited. my WA22 is on its way! can't wait till it arrives.
    i've only ever had a little dot mk2 and a schiit valhalla for tube amps. i hope this will be a pleasant upgrade.
    will be listening from an oppo 105d/NAS to a benchmark dac 3.
    and hd650, hd660s, lcd2 and focal utopias for headphones. possibly adding on an empyrean in the future.
    have never tried tube rolling before.. will probably stick with the stock tubes for as long as i can.
  8. abvolt
    congrats and yes it will be an upgrade you'll notice..
  9. Slerpy
    I also run the DAC3 balanced to the WA22.
    It's a dream combo and I have currently suspended all search for desktop gear.
    Completely satisfied with the combo driving my dynamic HP's.
    However, I will say that my PM's sound outstanding straight from the HPA2 (seems to be the consensus that PM's are better with transistors).
  10. Badas
    Sorry it has taken a while. Life is busy.

    I still own both amps and use both regularly. I won’t go into hyper detail. If I am listening for hours I go for the WA22, if I listen for up to 2 hours I go V281.
    Which amp do I prefer? That’s hard. I have to just give it to WA22 (my WA22 has improved in the last 18 months), however I don’t crave WA22 when listening to the V281. It is that close. I do wish the V281 bass could be transferred to the WA22. That bass is addictive.

    When you listened to V281 did you use balanced? V281 is best in balanced by a long shot. I sometimes test listen to some HP’s on the V281 on single end and hate how narrow they sound.
    In balanced mode V281 is using 4 amps to drive the HP. Left +, Left -, Right + and Right -. A push pull configuration like a tube amp.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  11. Pharmaboy
    I have a WA22 (F.S. here). Also a V281 (that's staying).

    I only listen to the V281 balanced. "Narrow" is not a word to describe what I hear. In fact, the V281 has just about the best soundstaging I've heard from any SS amp (I have 5 here, have heard others elsewhere).
  12. Roasty
    Thanks for getting back to me! I ended up ordering the wa22 and it should be with me by tomorrow night! Can't wait!

    Yep the Violectric was on balanced mode.

    I would be willing to give the Violectric 281 another try in the future should I be looking for another solid state. Really wish there was a gsx mk2 nearby which I could try out.

    I purchased an Empyrean the other day; paid the deposit, but unfortunately it will be another month or so for the shop to get restocked. Am looking forward to pairing this with the WA22.

    Also, my Benchmark Dac 3 B has been delayed even further due to production delays from Benchmark. The shop is suggesting an alternative amp and has pointed me towards the Matrix Audio Sabre Pro. I'm try to read up more on the MQA version of the sabre Pro (in contrast, the benchmark does not support mqa unfolding). To be honest, I'm not sure I can hear the difference between mqa and non mqa files...
  13. Badas
    Agreed. My V281 is NEVER going anywhere. Lov the damn thing.

    WA22 has really improved over the last 18 months. These damn tube amps need stacks of burn.
    I'm not sure if it is the amp itself or the tubes but it sounds fantastic.
  14. Roasty

    Holy crap this thing weighs a tonne!
    Very awesomely packaged. Ordered some Woo Audio headphone stands too. My goodness the packaging of even those items were good. The stands have a nice heft, and just ooze luxury. I can't imagine using anything else now..
  15. Pharmaboy
    Yep, that's the WA22.

    I'll tell you something else that just oozes luxury, if you ever encounter them: Woo tube-socket adapters. They cost more than many other adapters, and before I saw them, I wondered why. Then mine arrived w/the gently-used WA22 & NOS tubes that required adapters--and it was instantly clear these are the Bentley of adapters. Check picture below:

    1B - 20190525_132619.jpg
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