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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. BillinSF

    I sent you a PM with the file attached. Enjoy the Woo!!
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  2. leftside
    Tried mixing and matching some of the L63's. Not recommended I'm afraid, as it causes a small hum in the amp. I was hoping to run all the GEC tubes (GEC, MWT, Marconi and Osram) at the same time, but it's not to be. Makes for a nice photo though :)

    GEC Family.jpg

    Best to stick to matching quads of the L63/6J5.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  3. Slerpy
    Any other WA22 hum after full warm up?
    Not referring to sound via HP.
    Outside of phones, somewhere on the amp.
  4. leftside
    It shouldn't hum. But sometimes they do.... There have been posts on here regarding changing the tubes, different power cords, different isolation transformers, lower vs higher sensitivity headphones.
  5. Slerpy
    The hum via Utopia's is constant from the moment amp is turned on.
    Not audible via planar's for obvious reasons.
    I'm hearing a different, independent hum outside of HP circuit, audible to naked ears only after amp has fully heated up.
    I've yet to receive the replacement tubes from dealer.
    Perhaps that will solve both symptoms.
    I appreciate the feedback.
    I will not be modifying a new unit to address extraneous noise.
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  6. joe Administrator
    Cleaned up a few posts. Let's be civil to each other, folks.
  7. Slerpy
    Couldn't help myself.
    Ordered the WE 422A as recommended along with a pair of the Tung Sol 5998's.
    Hope the marriage works.
    Quickly became disenchanted with the timbre and resolution of upper frequencies with stock set up.
  8. leftside
    Go big or go home! :) Seems to have been a few of those WE 422A around lately, but still not cheap. Let us know how it sounds with the Utopia and the 5998's. What drivers are you using? As the Utopia is quite sensitive, and the 5998's are higher powered tubes your only slight concern might be a bit of noise. Let the tubes warm up for a few minutes before you plug the headphones in.
  9. Slerpy
    Using stock EH 6sn7's.
    Hadn't considered how sensitive the Utopia's are when purchasing the 5998's.

    I haven't come across any discussions of gain staging on this thread.
    Any thoughts?
    Currently my volume setting runs around 0930 on the WA22 pot for Utopia's and 1030 for the Aeon Flow's .
    I have the flexibility of attenuating the output from my DAC3 to use more of the pot range.
    Not sure if I'm missing out on anything by sending a hot signal to the amp.
  10. leftside
    Should be fine :) The 5998 are fine with my (even more sensitive) Stellia. I keep the volume at around the 1200 position on the WA22 and use a preamp for volume control. One of my favorite driver tubes (Mullard ECC35) might be a little too much gain with this combo though.

    Give them a try, and post a pic. With that nice rectifier and power tubes, you'll probably be looking at the driver tubes next. The 6SN7 threads on here do a good job of describing all the various tubes.
  11. Slerpy
    How are you liking the combo with Stellia?
    I can tell all ready that the Utopia and WA22 are going to have a long, adventurous, and passionate relationship that may require some periodic counseling.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
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  12. leftside
    It's a great match/combo. I sometimes get the cast-offs from guys who I know that work in the portable audio business, and these came up... I wanted high-sensitivity closed back for traveling, portable use and when my wife or I are on the couch and don't want to bother the other person.

    It's made me go back and roll in all the tubes I've collected over the years. Seems to work great with most tube combos, although will pick up any tube noise. I also had the LCD-3, and these are much more tolerant to tube noise, but I found to really maximise those I'd need to use higher gain power and driver tubes which restricted the tube rolling options (which might have been a good thing... :) ).
  13. Slerpy
    Find a tube combo (driver, specifically) you like best for the Stellia?
  14. leftside
    There's almost an endless amount of 6SN7 tubes that will sound great. If you are looking for great tubes that will also give you an aesthetic match with the TS 5998 and WE421A (i.e. have a larger shape) then I recommend the 6N7G or ECC31. 6N7G/ECC31 to 6SN7 adapters would be required. If you don't like adapters, you could consider splurging on an ECC32, but they are expensive... I've also really been enjoying the L63/6J5, but again you'll need adapters for those. There's also the taller shape 6F8G which a lot of people really like, but again you'll need adapters...

    Those would be the drivers I'd pick, but I'm sure you will find there are many out there who will have a different opinion. There's only one way to know for sure :)
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
  15. Pharmaboy
    I'm running a DAC (Audio GD NOS 19) that outputs 2.5v (non-modifiable). That's 25% higher than many DACs & has caused me issues w/other amps/preamps. My WA22 isn't one of them, thankfully. I use a straight NOS tube set (no stock tubes), w/alternates of the power tubes & rectifier to mix in as I feel the urge. Most of my headphones--from 300 ohm HPs like Eikon & HD650 to medium sensitivity planars (HEX v2, Empyrean, LCD-2.1)--are in the 9:30-10:30 range on the Woo, which IMO is acceptable.

    Haven't tried my biggest power hog, the ZMF Ori, yet, but eventually will. Wouldn't be surprised if that takes it up to 12:00 or higher.
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