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Wondering about RE-400's

  1. Boosh96
    I've been looking at the HiFiMan RE-400 earphones as an option for entry-level audiophile earphones, and I was wondering what you all thought of them? They seem like amazing headphones, and for only $100 at that. Would they be good for listening to classic rock?
  2. tinyman392
    I actually think the RE-400 does decent with classic rock.  Note that you'll have a little tamer bass than you'd be used to depending on where you are coming from.
  3. TwinQY
    First off - http://www.head-fi.org/t/596233/buying-portable-or-in-ear-headphones-seeking-guidance-dont-start-a-new-thread-ask-for-advice-here
    Any sort of preference in terms of how you like your genres presented? Anything you'd look for in particular? Drum texture, timbre, etc? Sound preferences? Signature preferences? Comfort, isolation, build? 
  4. redrich2000
    The short answer is yes, they are excellent phones for $100 and work great with rock.
  5. Boosh96

    I prefer clear and balanced sound, with clean and at least somewhat punchy bass. I like good isolation and well-defined timbres and texture on drums and stuff too.
  6. TwinQY
    Hate to sound like a broken record...but yeah, RE-400s pretty much fit everything :p
    BA200/A161Ps though if you want a bit more punch emphasis.
  7. Boosh96
    What portable amps would you recommend for the RE-400's? Also, how's the soundstage and instrument separation?
  8. whirlwind
    I have the RE400 ordered, 3 week wait for them to get here...I will be pairing them up with my BSG Cmoy...can't wait to hear them.
  9. Boosh96
    Now, here's a stupid question-how would you compare the RE-400 to Bose's in-ear headphones or even their noise-cancelling circumaural 'phones? Like, in terms of sound signature, soundstage, and the overall quality of the music? I'm asking because I'm really used to Bose headphones-the in ear models are honestly the only remotely good canal 'phones I've ever had, and the QC15's are my current pair. My dad, honestly, has long associated price with performance in the headphone department, meaning he's long been into Bose products, and I have too until I started journeying into the audiophile world.
  10. redrich2000
    I use my Re-400s with a Headstage Arrow. I also use ALAC files on an iMod source. The soundstage and separation are excellent, I am regulalrly stunned with how good the RE-400s are in this regard. They have nice refined bass, not muddy or excessive. The one weakness of the them IMO is they are not as natural as I'd ideally like, they have some mid-range coloration. But I think you'd need to pay a lot more to overcome that.
  11. proedros

    i think they are an excellent choice for entry-level , the consensus here is that these outperform even iems at the 150-200 range
    i also entered with a re- product (the re-zero) and it has been hifiman ever since
    i am considering buying them as well , even though i have hifiman's re-272 which stands at the 250$ mark
    if i were a newbie here , i'd go for them hands down
    good luck choosing the iem you think fits your needs best
  12. Rankiz
    I just love my Hifiman Re zeros, I am on my 2nd pair. I love clarity, crispy vocals, great airy soundstage and amazing mids where you hear every detail in each instrument. Is Hifiman Re-400 for me?

    EDIT: One improvement over the Re zeros I really would like is a bigger soundstage, the vocals feels like they sometimes are very direct, like tthey're shouting straight into your ear.
  13. Theta Alpha 1
  14. higbvuyb
    Those treble spikes look pretty horrible to me on paper despite people citing RE-0s as having amazing detailed treble.
    I've tried simulating such a thing with EQ and it doesn't sound too bad listening superficially. The treble does sound more distant, and a bit more harsh due to the ~9kHz spike, but otherwise not bad. I can't say the spike is good for detail, though.
  15. tinyman392
    Mine doesn't really measure with those multitude of spikes entirely...  The one at the 10 kHz is strong though...  Rin's system should be more accurate than my cheap DIY coupler though. 

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