Why doesn't any company make bluetooth cables for Shure IEM
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I imagine it would have a bump for the bluetooth board. I tried Sony 1RBT MK2 and those sounded better via bluetooth than with the cable. reason being it probably has a better sound card than my iPhone. I bought them for mobile and they weren't mobile so I returned them...thats why I didnt try them with a good DAC.
I'm hoping someone will reply with "there is a product like that already, Here is link... :p

There is a product like that already, Here is link... :p
Lear makes cables like these.
I've been meaning to try the 2pin version....
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I have a trinity MMCX bluetooth lanyard on the way for my 425's.  I will try it on my friend's 846 too and report back at some point.
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What about using something like this bluetooth 1/8 inch transmitter...Attach it to the shure receiver and just use some bluetooth headphones of your quality choice?  Has anyone tried this yet?  Why won't Shure just do something like this.  
If it works then you can put the shure receiver on the mic stand or wherever, and just have the headphones.  The worst part about the shure headphones is the cable getting caught in my guitar strap and just putting them in my ears.  They're not easy to put in vs these new blue tooth headphones.  Thoughts?
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Were the Trinity Lanyard any good?

Sounded like an AM radio with the 846.  I still use it sometimes at the gym with my SE215 but the sound quality is pretty bad.  Not sure if it is just the limitations of BT or low power or what.  It has nice buttons, and decent battery life but no memory wire so it constantly falls from behind my ears.  The wire is also very thin and the mmcx connectors look very cheap and fragile.  I'd really like to find something with APT-X HD support since my phone is compatible.  

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