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Why do CDs sound better than loss less audio files?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by phoebefairchild, Feb 24, 2012.
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  1. DigitalFreak
    I'm just here for the cool aid and popcorn.
  2. Chromako
    Fonts aren't stored in the document. They are stored in a central database locally on your computer... and modern fonts are defined by vectors.
    Oookay. Anyway. I'm not feeding the troll anymore. 
  3. Mambosenior
    ...and they lock threads that use the terms "double-blind" and "moron."

    Chuck, babe, where's that gong?
  4. Greenleaf7
    ...not to mention threads that criticize the sponsors are shut down real quick...
  5. wuwhere Contributor
    Stray off the beaten path and your chucked.
  6. uchihaitachi
    Mr Rachmaninoff, this is copied and pasted from the head-fi rules page
    If what you want to post includes words/phrases like "placebo," "expectation bias," "ABX," "blind testing," etc., please post it in the Sound Science forum.
    I wasn't aware of the 'please post it in the sound science forum' part. So why is Currawong still locking threads in sound science?[​IMG]
  7. Hellenback
    I just replied to something ridiculous I saw posted so others wouldn't buy into your voodoo. If you honestly believe what you have been posting there is not much anyone is going to say to convince you of your error (if in fact you are serious and not just trolling).
    This is utter nonsense. Taiyo-Yuden of Japan invented the CD-R in conjunction with Sony/Philips: history of CDr
    Please take note of the comment in this article which states:
    As far as all music CD-Rs being equal goes; It seems you have never used software like  "DiscSpeed",  KProbe or Opti Drive Control  which measure C1 and C2 errors on burned discs. With some software, using certain burners, it is claimed disc Jitter can be measured (although I have never owned a drive with this function).
    I have personally burned hundreds of CD-Rs (both Music and Data as well as DVD[+-] R blanks) from many different companies and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that there are high and low quality discs of all kinds. Taiyo Yuden CD-R blanks (made in Japan) consistently produce burns that have lower error and higher compatibility rates regardless of whether they are Music or Data discs.
    Verbatim and Taiyo-Yuden also make the highest quality DVD[-+]R blanks. To be thorough, I should mention not all Verbatim DVDr discs are manufactured with equal care and quality control. "Value series" discs, both Taiyo and Verbatim should be avoided if possible. There are other good brands but I stick with what has worked best for myself and many others over the years.
    Maxell Pro discs are/were made by Taiyo-Yuden as were Maxell Audio CD-Rs in the past (until approx 2008-9). Verbatim CD blanks from Japan are/were also made by Taiyo-Yuden. I still have about 100 blank Maxell Audio CD-Rs (I own a CD recorder) and about 100 Verbatim discs from Japan. In the very early days I experimented with cheaper discs (again both music and data) but got tired of coasters and discs that skipped right away or after a short time, due to read errors caused by poor dye or dye inconsistency.
    This is a very brief precis on a subject I have spent a great deal of time, effort and money exploring. I know what I am speaking about and anyone with an internet connection can get the information if they so desire. If you are still into spinning/burning discs, it might be worth your while (and save you some money) to explore the topic and do your own experimenting before buying into rumor. This -> myce.com is probably the best place to read up on all things CD/DVD "R/RW" related. It used to be called "CDFreaks" and has been around since nearly the dawn of burning CDs.
    I'm still not sure this julian67 isn't yanking our collective chains so I will not bother responding to any more of his ludicrous "insights".
    As mentioned, there are other high quality discs on the market but I have recommended those that have worked best for me on a consistent basis over many years.
    DigitalFreak, jaddie and Don Hills like this.
  8. uchihaitachi
    Julian is 100% trolling. It's just that he doesn't know when to stop. It is unbearably insipid now. 
  9. Hellenback

    I won't be posting any more. I just wanted to get the actual facts/science out there in case people wanted real information on the topic and were taking him seriously.
  10. jaddie

    Too bad. If any good has come of this senseless troll it would be helpful and meaningful posts like yours.
  11. Mambosenior

    Yes. Thank you.
  12. julian67

    It's an effect yet to be fully explained and so far impossible to replicate with any other medium. Therein lies the mystery. That is the kind of intriguing subtlety that draws people to this thread over and over again, even against their better judgement and ability to exercise self control.
  13. Magick Man

    I'm pretty sure it's so they can mock you for trolling, but even that gets tiresome after a while. sleep.gif
  14. julian67

    I think you'll find it's one of those flash mob things, with the artistic themes being futility and enormous self regard.


  15. bigshot

    Personally, I think Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster are a lot more fun.
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