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Why do CDs sound better than loss less audio files?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by phoebefairchild, Feb 24, 2012.
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  1. bigshot
    I work professionally in comedy. It's best left to professionals. Nice try though.
  2. julian67

    I often laugh at your musings on audio science but hadn't realised you expected payment.
  3. bigshot
    I'm afraid I'm not able to tutor you in comedy right now at any price. I would suggest laying off on jokes for now and work your way up to them with funny faces in the mirror.
  4. jaddie
    I just said that same exact thing to my real estate agent, but she slapped me.  Not sure why.
  5. julian67

    Comedy? I wasn't joking and you didn't say anything funny.
  6. bigshot
    So what about those Dodgers, eh?
  7. jaddie
    Funniest yet! You're killing me!
  8. DigitalFreak

    Right now I have no idea whether you're being serious or just posting on this thread for the lulz. If you really are being serious you're scaring me.
  9. Chromako
    Erm... Just to remind everyone...
    CD data protocols have error correction (ECC). As does USB. And hard drive/SSD protocols. And all of them have buffers. Even most (all?) audio codecs have small buffers.
    That's why we have measurable latency in short range communications. In a computer situation, an unrecoverable data corruption will generally spit out an error message or cause an early end-of-file. Burned discs do have less clear (optically) signals, but with buffers and ECC, it doesn't matter as long as it's within acceptable range. 
    And optical disc/HDD/SSD protocols have especially (sometimes annoyingly) aggressive ECC at the hardware level.
    Think about it. Flipped bits can have catastrophic affects on software, and we don't see that with burned discs. And when did you ever see a text document burned onto a CD have typos when compared to the original? Unencrypted text documents don't have ECC on the software level. 
    Now, S/PDIF signals don't have ECC, and that drives me crazy. But that's a different situation. And to give my 2 cents on the first post, don't get me started on the rubbish nature of Linux media frameworks. (I do love Linux, but it's hopeless in so many places.) 
  10. julian67

    Obviously you wouldn't get typos, but jagged edges to the fonts are a phenomenon. Creatives with a natural eye tend to notice these. If you use an Audio CD-R the fonts get really nice and smooth and look good even without hinting.
  11. DigitalFreak
    Oh pullleeaaaseeee, you're comedy act is getting old. I suggest you create a new schtick for yourself. I recommend investing in a clown suit and squeaky shoes.
    Magick Man and uchihaitachi like this.
  12. julian67

    You invested in a clown suit? Whatever works for you. Do you have pictures?
  13. sfoclt
    Every few weeks when I come back to Head-Fi, I try to find the intelligent conversation (especially here in Sound Science), and either someone like julian or that moderator currawong himself are being the biggest hindrance with trolling posts meant to antagonize and annoy, rather than contribute.
    It's absurd "moderation" that is itself the instigator of issues.
    uchihaitachi and Greenleaf7 like this.
  14. julian67

    I think you'll agree that this is one of the more important threads on head-fi, initiated by a rare deep thinker and it has proceeded on the basis of rational enquiry and discourse ever since. It attracts fine minds like nectar attracts bees, and I can only admire your perspicacity, patience and good humour.

    I recommend adding me to your "follow" list. It will save time searching.
  15. bigshot

    It does a disservice to those who actually come to this forum for information. When someone may not be familiar with all the terms and concepts being discussed, the contrariness is easily read as uncertainty, when no uncertainty exists.

    I know why I'm here... I'm here to help people like myself who want to get good sound in the most efficient and inexpensive way possible. I can't speak for the intent of other people, but I suspect that a need for attention of any sort, good or bad, has a lot to do with it.
    uchihaitachi likes this.
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