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Which Subaru WRX STi is best?

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  1. Randall DZM
    The JDM one definitely sounded better. I like the EJ257 motor more though. Currently, I'm driving a 1994 Impreza L and have done a ton of suspension work to it (mainly). Plans are eventually to swap in an 05 WRX STI everything (as much as I can). Having been in and around Subaru community the last couple years of my life, my advice is definitely look for a lightly used 04-05 WRX/STI (Won't be easy by any means, most have been driven hard or are at a point where major problems are gonna happen soon. Also avoid the "returned to stock" cars IMO) OR get a Legacy 2.5GT. They're very comfortable for daily driving and are bigger than the impreza while still being really fun cars. Definitely not an old person's car. haha
  2. basketball

    Problem is the reliability. A lot of these Sti's need motor rebuilds because they are driven so hard. you know?
  3. Shaffer

    FWIW. I've owned/own two Evolutions; drive a IX on the street. The most reliable car I've had in 35 years behind the wheel. The car is tuned and I drive hard. This being said, I'm the original owner and no bolt has been turned that didn't have to be. Compare that to the typical 5-owner beat-to-crap Evo, modded and de-modded by each one, launched at every opportunity. Sure things will break, especially with +500awhp on tap. I wouldn't buy a used one, either.
  4. basketball

    Really? i know evo's have reliable motors, but their transmission's are another story
  5. CZ4A
    Depends on the transmission. The 5-speed manual in the VIII/IX/X GSR and RS models is very stout. The 6-speed in the VIII/IX MR is more fragile. The 6-speed SST (dual-clutch) in the X MR has beefy gears but the clutch packs aren't good for more than 300-350whp. Repair and replacement costs are crazy on the SST as well.
    My daily driver is a lightly-modded 2008 Evo X MR. I bought it used with low miles and a great service history. Yes, it has the SST, but if I do more than bolt-ons then upgraded clutch packs or a 5-speed swap will be on order. I haven't had any problems and I've put 10,000 miles on it in the 7 months I've owned it.
  6. basketball

    Nice. So Evo's are more reliable then sit's its safe to say?
    Since originally commenting in this thread I've owned a 2002 WRX. It had top end mods: injectors, intercooler,turbo,tune, AP racing BBK and suspension components. I bought this car on my 18th birthday, 6 months later the main bearing spun. It really did suck. It was my dream car, wish It would of lasted longer. 
    Point being Im thinking bout buying an Evo X in the next few years possibly. I;ve driven them before. I live in Northern Canada so we have like 7-8 months of winter with lots of snow. So AWD and a turbo is always an amazing time. 
  7. 1SlowSTI
    So I'll chime in. First of all, wow this post has been around a while.... So, mines my daily driver, sitting at 373 WHP on a VERY conservative tune! (25 out of 55 lbs). And I have had not one prob with my Blob eye. Now at 145K. I love it. Of corse normal mx items come up, but that's ANY sports car that's driven like a sports car, and every turbo car has its boosted problems the same... As for BMW comparison, I'm your guy. I just sold my fully set up 135 with N54. Yes, problematic. Great motor capabilities though. I had 809WHP on stock internals with my single turbo upgrade and meth. Not getting that out of a Sub's stock motor. LoL but these cars are great even if driven sporty as long as maintained. The STI is build to be run. Did you not decide yet?????? Come on
  8. basketball

    Yeah. I started thus thread back when I was in high school. I have since bought a 2002 bug eye wrx with top end mods, that motor has since spun a rod bearing. So right now I'm driving a fully loaded accord. Im in school right now. I'm thinking once I graduate Ill buy a newer lower milage eve 10 gsr. I live up north in Canada, so the Subaru are like the funnest cars ever to drive when it snows 1 feet of fresh snow. But I'm not trying to loose 5 grand with another blown motor on my hard earned money.
  9. Shaffer
  10. basketball
  11. Rotsen
    Its hard to find sti's that are low mileage you just have to dig deep in the US. Its better to go to japan, and buy it overseas. I know its a lot of saving its worth it.
  12. MermaidMan
  13. Shaffer

    AFAIK, a car has to be more than 25 years old to be imported into the US without having to go through extensive modifications and a subsequent certification.
  14. CZ4A
    OP says he lives in Northern Canada, so he can legally import 15 year old cars from outside the country.
  15. Shaffer

    I wasn't responding to the OP. The relevant text and its author were quoted in the post.

    Edit: I see what you were talking about now. Yes, the Canadians are subject to different constraints.
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