Which Subaru WRX STi is best?

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  1. Zulkr9
    IMO the 22B, The newer ones understeer as far as I know.
  2. basketball
    Actually the evo's look good to.
  3. OmarCCX

    I'm not a massive Evo fan, but I like the GSR Evo X. Too bad it only has 5-speeds. It's got to suck on the highway.  And I don't really care about automatics, even if they have dual-clutches.
    I also never liked Evos engine notes compared to Subarus.
  4. basketball
  5. choka
    I have a 07 WRX and I agree with what alv4426 has to say. I won't buy a used one, knowing how I drive it, and how most people drive these cars.
    That being said, it's been 6 years and I have zero major issues with mine so far, so obviously I drive like a grandma.
  6. basketball
    I heard the 2006-2007 have lots of problems, is that true? Unfortunately, the model I am with love is the 2004-2005 WRX STi. Alot of them have high milage but there are also ones with lower milage. Hopefully within 2 years I will be able to buy one. I will be looking for original owner only. And must be fully stock of course. 
    The problem is though when ever you buy a used car you never really know how is what driven by the previous owner(s). I mean you could buy a Mazda 3 2.3L and it could have been driven hard. Right, So most WRX STi are driven hard but thats why i will be looking for original owner, low milage. And I live in Canada so under 100xxx Kilometers for sure. 
    Do you ever street race? Do you keep up with SRT's and GTI's?
  7. Elberoth
    2004-2005 WRX STi, aka blob eye, are the least problematic. And the most pretty. I bet they will become a classic. The Hawk Eye models (the ones with 2.5l engines) had a lot of problems with those engines.
    And never/ever buy a WRX - I have went through 3 gearboxes. 5-speed gearboxes suck. 6-speed is almost unbreakable (unless you decide to triple the car power that is).
    STi is such a cool car. I get much more looks driving my Scooby than my Audi S5.
  8. basketball
    You get more looks because of the sound the STi makes! I want to buy a 2004-2005 STi within 3 years or less. Or a BRZ STi if they ever come out.
  9. choka
    I must be lucky because my hawkeye still have zero problems.
    From what I've heard so far, all the rumors say the BRZ STi will not have turbo.
  10. basketball

    Looks like an upgrade to 230 horsepower and some other upgrades such as 4 piston brakes. I think 250-260hp would be ideal. I think the want to keep the BRZ STi very balanced.
  11. basketball
    :mad:Any one
  12. mvrk10256
    So I just figured i would throw this out there. 
    I have wrenched on a few, and dont particularly care for them, however i have never owned one. 
    word of warning - AWD helps you get going, helps you go around turns, but it doesnt help you stop. This is something the wrx/STI fan boys do not seem to understand. you slap some RS-3 on your car, and think you can rally cross. 
  13. basketball
    Man oh man the new 2.5rs rsti video on drive channel on youtube is amazing
  14. GearMe
    The one with the best Audio system!   :wink:
  15. basketball
    If you are referring to the drive video. The jdm one sounds way better.
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