Which Subaru WRX STi is best?

  1. basketball
    I am looking to buy a car. I really like the WRX STi. Which year of them do you like best?
    I really like the "04 and "05. They look sweet, and the exhaust note is bliss.
    Its the ideal car for Canadian winters 
    If any of you guys own one, please comment, let me know what you think and if you have had any problems with them in terms of engine and transmission.
  2. alv4426
    I am an ex WRX owner and I have driven a few STis and an Evo and I wouldn't recommend buying a used WRX/STi/Evo. I drove mine about as "nice" as anyone ever will and I still beat on that car more than I would an average car. So imagine how beat all the cars owned by 16 year olds trying to impress their friends by doing horrible clutch dumps and pretending to be rally drivers down residential streets. The cars are great at what they were meant to do, its pretty much impossible to not look like a great driver in one, its very good in bad weather, and if you put an exhaust on it is great at scaring grandmas and pissing off your neighbors. But its also not that good at other stuff such as their interiors are very sparse and uncomfortable, not very reliable, get terrible gas mileage, only quick when it comes to acceleration not much on the highway, and don't have much room in them. I bought mine brand new had it for about 2.5 years and by the time I sold it with only 21K mi the transmission/synchros were already giving out. My dealer actually told me that it was a very common issue and that it happens under any driving conditions. If you want a car that is fun and still good in the snow I would recommend a Legacy that way at least there is a better chance it wasn't beat up as much.
  3. basketball
    Lol thanks for the response.
    I like the legacy, but it
    Seems more of a car for old people, while the sti is more
    or younger people. What mpg are you talking when you say terrible?
    So you would avoid sti's with high mileage right?
  4. alv4426
    I was getting low 20s on the highway, but then again speed limits are more like guidelines to me. I wouldn't recommend any used Sti unless you found one with only one owner and that owner was a grandma who only drove it to church on Sundays. Honestly they are not worth the money. If you are just buying one because of looks buy a regular Impreza and buy a shopping cart wing, flame stickers (that add 500hp), a giant boost gauge (even though you'd  have no turbo) and be done with it. 

  5. basketball

    Well low 20's isn't that bad. I will definitely look into the number of owner and I will do a carfax, that is if I decide on buying one.
  6. OmarCCX
    In the long run you'd probably save more money getting a new STI instead of a used one. And to be fair, the STI hasn't changed much over the last decade.
  7. basketball

    Well if I get into price of new sti's then I can get a BMW 335i which is substantially better than an sti:)
  8. OmarCCX
    Yeah, but you'd be looking at 335s with the N54 engine which from what I've seen have had some issues. I wouldn't have the balls to get a BMW out of warranty.
  9. alv4426
    Id be a lot more worried about a Sti than a BMW. Not really sure about turbo models thou

  10. basketball
    Well it's about how hard you would drive either. I think the wrx sti would be driven harder. The sti is also more suitable for Canadian winters since its AWD against the 335i's. I guess you can also get the 335i in AWD but it'll be extra $$.
    Which cars have longer warrentys?
  11. g0dM@n
    I almost bought the WRX 2012 and ordered it in October.  I went with my younger brother to see if we can cut a deal on 2 cars.  After leaving the dealership and deciding to try another Subaru dealership, my mother found out... she was cool with the younger one buying a new car, but not me (30 yrs old, married, and still living in a co-op). She persuaded me to look into a house down the street and lo and behold I bought that house just a few weeks ago... instead of the car.
    Well, I'm jealous (sounds girlie, but I am)... my little brother bought the car in the color I wanted, and exactly how I wanted it.  His car... ROCKS!!
    In the summer of 2008 I looked for a WRX, for the older (~2006) model b/c that was my favorite.  Now, I've taken a liking for the new design.
    After my brother put in a good chunk of change into straight pipes, intake, boost gauges (he did it all himself) - and he had the boost adjusted at a shop.  The difference was substantial.
    His car as just as fast, if not faster than the STi... of course the STi has better suspension, brakes, etc, but his WRX really man handles the road.  It sounds awesome, looks awesome, performs awesome.
    The STi is the car I've always wanted, but if I'm to buy a car again, I think I will do what my brother did... since I'd have the car as my daily car and wouldn't want a suspension too tight likt the STi anyway.  2 of my buddies let me ride their STis a few years back and I remember it being uncomfortable if we had to take a long ride (speed limit) anywhere... too stiff for a daily car.
  12. OmarCCX
    The transmission is the biggest difference between the WRX/STi. Some say the 5-speed is quite fragile.
  13. g0dM@n
    True... my brother definitely wishes it were 6-speed, but fragile I haven't heard about... I assume the people who say it's fragile are the ones that have added horsepower?
  14. froster2006
    driving a 2011 one white 4 door one now, loving it!
  15. basketball
    Have you had any problems yet?
    Do you have the sedan or hatchback?

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