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Which is better? Beyerdynamic DTX 101 IE or the Klipsch Image s4

  1. Davidisawesome


    I am looking to buy a pair of headphones under $100 and i'v narrowed my decision down to these two. Can someone tell which is better based on your personal experience or reviews you've seen online. I'm looking for more detail and clarity rather than bass since I don't listen to bass music too often. Also do these have good build quality since i want them to last quite a while. if you can recommend a better IEM for the $100 price tag that would be great.
  2. Davidisawesome
    Get the Brainwavz. They have good bass
  3. Davidisawesome
    Ok thanks davidisawesome. i'll order them tommorow
  4. Pruikki
    did u that to your self?? What?

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